3-Day Corporate Governance Seminar Series - 'Bad' Auditors for Good Governance

Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration 3-Day Corporate Governance Seminar Series - 'Bad' Auditors for Good Governance
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With financial scams and frauds going undetected, the investors need an additional layer of assurance from the corporates. The Auditors and the Audit Committees have hence enhanced responsibility to restructure their priorities and learn from past mistakes.

The Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration (B&A) is proud to present a three-part online seminar series titled ‘Bad’ Auditors for Good Governance. Hosted by our Senior Lecturer Ms. Pooja SHUKLA, the seminars will give you a virtual tour of how boards can work towards making audit function more effective.

All students and alumni are welcome to join for FREE!

You can also view our first Corporate Governance seminar series in 2020 titled Demystifying Boardroom Dynamics on YouTube.


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Auditors: Unsung Heroes in Corporate Governance

(Zoom Webinar, conducted in English)

Traditionally, auditors have been the protectors of shareholders' interest in the corporates.

However, in the modern world, auditors are entrusted with a higher level of accountability towards a wider range of stakeholders.

This seminar explores the changing landscape of corporate governance for auditors, and the international perspective on the need of auditor's independence and rotation.

Adding 'Substance' to
your Audit Committees

(Zoom Webinar, conducted in English)

The corporate financial scams and frauds pose a serious threat of legal and penal ramifications that affect not just the directors but also to the auditors. Such incidents discourage investors from taking investment risks. Further, it raises question on the effectiveness of the audit committee function. 

This seminar explores the objectives, formation and operation of Audit Committees and provides an effective guideline to bring in more accountability, transparency and objectivity.

Life Before and After Whistleblowing

(Zoom Webinar, conducted in English)

“To bell the cat or not…” remains a phrase with a question mark at the end.

Whistleblowing on one hand is an effective risk management tool, on the other hand raises a question if it should be incentivised. Many jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, still do not have full-fledged whistleblower protection laws which makes it a riskier game.

This seminar will critically analyse the whistleblowing function, various laws relating to it internationally; its impact on the corporates, society and the whistleblower himself and finally, a guide on how to draft a Whistleblowing Policy for your company.


Ms. Pooja Shukla

Ms. Pooja Shukla is a Lawyer and Chartered Secretary holding memberships of three institutes internationally: CGI- United Kingdom, HKCGI- Hong Kong and ICSI- India. She obtained her Masters in Commerce and Bachelors in Commerce (Hons. in Finance) and a post- graduate diploma in Journalism. 

She scored 17th All-India rank in ICSI and obtained merit in Corporate Governance conducted by HKCGI.

With more than 15 years of experience in the corporate sector, she has served as a Board Secretary to various Boards and Committees in various listed companies, banks and MNCs internationally operating in manufacturing, IT, mining, infrastructure, professional services, law firm and telecom businesses.

She has also served as a consultant to FTSE 100 companies advising on corporate governance matters in Asia, Middle East and Africa region.

She regularly speaks at various events organised internationally on the subject of corporate governance, company law and boardroom dynamics.