A New Name to
Launch a New Era

It was a year of many changes for the University, large and small, and this chapter spotlights a few of the most significant.
All are events or milestones that have moved the University forward, expanded its profile and talent base, and set the scene for a flourishing future.

Retitling for the future

In a historic step forward, during the year the University took a series of steps towards putting aside its time-honoured title of 'The Open University of Hong Kong' and replacing it with a new one. The process started with a recognition that the 'Open University' name was becoming increasingly out of sync with the realities and aspirations of the University in 2019, as its range of full-time, on-campus degree programmes has continued to increase. Extensive consultations were held with staff, alumni, students and other stakeholders on the name change, after which a Selection Committee on University Title was set up, in July 2020. In August, the committee launched an open invitation for title suggestions which generated a wave of public interest.

After a process of in-depth discussion and rigorous shortlisting, in December the OUHK Council decided to adopt the name 'Hong Kong Metropolitan University' to replace the previous title. The new name also required a new logo and branding, which was unveiled in June 2021. The logo embraces a simple design based on the letters 'm' and 'u' (representing 'me' and 'you', or the individual and the community), and utilizes shades of green and blue that both hark back to the old logo and look forward to a new era of growth. Official approval for the name change was given by the Legislative Council in July 2021, and a grand launch ceremony was arranged to kick off a new academic year — and a new era of the University's existence — on 1 September 2021.

Retitling of the OUHK

Early 2019

Exploration of retitling


Consultations with staff, alumni, students and other stakeholders


Setting up of Selection Committee on University Title


Open invitation for suggestions on new University title


Council adoption of 'Hong Kong Metropolitan University' (HKMU) as new title


Unveiling of HKMU logo


LegCo approval of retitling


Launch of Hong Kong Metropolitan University


New campus enhances the University's healthcare and wellness profile

The University's new Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare, which began construction back in 2016, came into use in the year. The 13-storey building, located close to the Main Campus, is a superb 18,680 square metre complex that is not only providing the latest healthcare-related education facilities, but which also contains excellent sports, leisure and wellness facilities for all. With construction and fitting out completed according to schedule, the Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare came into use in late 2020 prior to its official grand opening on 8 January 2021.

As its name indicates, the primary purpose of the complex is to provide essential teaching space and equipment to support the University's ever-increasing range of professional healthcare programmes, all aimed at meeting the changing health needs of today's Hong Kong. It contains multiple well-equipped laboratories, teaching rooms, and other specialist spaces that are serving healthcare-related programmes such as those in general and mental health nursing, Chinese medicinal nursing, physiotherapy, special needs early childhood education and sports management. In addition, it offers users many new amenities, including a spacious and well-furnished Learning Hub and Learning Commons, and a Sports and Wellness Centre where students can take part in a very wide range of sports and recreational activities.


Dedication, talent and experience fill top positions

In April 2021, the University welcomed a new President, Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing, who took over the reins from Prof. Yuk-Shan Wong. The University was well-advanced in its plans for a title change when Prof. Lam arrived, and his own plans for taking the University forward chimed well with the new Hong Kong Metropolitan University name. Arriving with rich experience of administration, development and research in other Hong Kong higher education environments, Prof. Lam has laid out his own vision for the University's future and begun initiating steps to achieve it. They include moves to enhance learning and teaching, to strengthen the administration of distance learning programmes, to foster an applied research culture, and to empower departmental leaders to make decisions.

In February 2021, Prof. Ricky Kwok Yu-kwong stepped into the role of Vice President (Students and Support) for the University. Prof. Kwok has a strong record in his specialist field of computer science, having conducted teaching and research at the University of Hong Kong for many years before making the move to the OUHK. An experienced administrator, his Vice President role has a special focus on supporting and facilitating the learning experience of students at the University.

The same month saw the appointment of Prof. Amy Lee Wai-sum as Dean of the School of Education and Languages, following a distinguished career in education at Hong Kong Baptist University. Further recent appointments include that of Prof. Joanne Chung Wai-yee as Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Studies, also in February 2021. Prof. Chung arrives from the Education University of Hong Kong, where she occupied the position of Peter T C Lee Chair Professor of Health Studies as well as holding a number of senior administrative positions. In December 2020, experienced administrator Ms Elaine Tam Yi-lam stepped into the role of Director of Student Affairs, overseeing all aspects of the work of the Student Affairs Office. The University also gained a new Registrar in March 2021 with the appointment of Ms Agnes Choi Bik-yee. Ms Choi is deeply familiar with the administration of tertiary education institutes and the University.


Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing

Vice President (Students and Support)

Prof. Ricky Kwok Yu-kwong