University retitling: FAQs for alumni

Alumni University retitling: FAQs for alumni  

The Legislative Council has adopted the ‘The Open University of Hong Kong (Amendment) Bill 2021’, and the new title ‘Hong Kong Metropolitan University’ (香港都會大學) has taken effect on 1 September 2021.

Certificates for qualifications conferred in April and August 2021 have been issued under the name of ‘The Open University of Hong Kong’, whereas those conferred in November 2021 will bear the new title of ‘Hong Kong Metropolitan University’.

The University will issue a generic certification document stating that The Open University of Hong Kong has been renamed as Hong Kong Metropolitan University. Graduates will be able to pick up the document on campus or download it online (graduates of August 2021 will be provided with a hardcopy of the generic document on collecting their certificates). Graduates who wish to have a personalized certification document specifying their name and award information may apply for it online at a charge of $150 per copy. For more details, please refer to the Registry’s webpage.

The University is in the process of developing a new alumni identity programme to replace the Alumni Link Scheme. Before the launch of the new scheme, alumni can continue to present the Alumni Link Card for alumni benefits. Class of 2021 graduates and alumni applying for the re-issuance of the Alumni Link Card will be issued a letter of identification for temporary use. Details of the new programme will be announced in due course. Please stay tuned for further announcements on how to obtain the new alumni identity proof.

Since 1 April 2021, BOC [Bank of China] Credit Card (International) Limited (BOCHK) has been serving as the service provider of the University’s new Affinity Card Programme. However, due to the retitling of the University, the official launch of the programme will be postponed to late 2021 or 2022. Please visit this page for the transitional arrangements.

Since 1 September 2021, the email domain has been changed to, but addresses with will remain effective until 31 August 2022. During the transition period, all emails delivered to will be redirected to users’ mailbox, while will be set as the default user email address for outgoing emails. The login ID of existing accounts will remain as until the user resets the password through the HKMU O365 page, at which it will be changed into All remaining login IDs will be updated to on 31 August 2022.

With effect from 1 September 2021, the MyOUHK platform has been renamed as MyHKMU, located at Alumni may also update their personal particulars on the alumni portal.

The change of the University’s bank account name will not affect transactions with the bank account. It will not be necessary for regular donors to take any action to keep their donations in place. However, donations by cheque should be made payable to Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

Graduate holders of valid Library Reader’s / Borrower’s Tickets can continue to enjoy library services until their expiry. The University Library has issued an email announcement to ticket holders concerned on 1 September. For enquiries, please call 2768 6781.  

As in the past, the bi-monthly e-newsletter Alumni Linkage will be delivered to your email on the first working day of the odd months, providing up-to-date news about the University. You are welcome to update your email address on the alumni portal.

The alumni portal of the University website can be accessed here, while the Facebook page dedicated to alumni will be renamed as Alumni Affairs Unit, HKMU. Please also note the change in the English name of our office, from the Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) to the Alumni Affairs Unit (AAU), with effect from 1 September 2021.