Sweet taste of success at chocolate fundraiser

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A chocolate fundraiser recently organized by the Alumni Affairs Office of the Public Affairs Unit has been well received by alumni with many pledged to become the regular donors of the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund for the next three years.

The Royal Chocolate Tasting Workshop, held on 17 February, was sponsored by Goossens Chocolatier. As the day happened to be the Lantern Festival which is regarded as the Chinese version of Valentine's Day, a number of alumni showed up with their loved ones for a sweet and meaningful evening.

In a warm and cozy atmosphere, shopowner of Goossens Chocolatier Mr Michael Chan started the workshop by introducing the classification of cocoa beans. He explained how cocoa beans are turned into raw chocolate in different flavours through fermentation and roasting processes. Under the guidance of Mr Chan, participants discovered and experienced the aromatic palate of raw chocolates made in seven countries. They were eager to figure out the flavour, the level of sweetness and the texture of the raw chocolate samples and to offer their opinions.

Participants also had a chance to taste six types of handmade chocolate confectionaries from Belgium. The most special type is the one called Therapy which is made from unfermented cocoa beans from Ivory Coast. Participants were surprised to learn that this beautifully designed chocolate confectionary, carrying a rich cocoa flavor, has a high antioxidant value which is beneficial to health.

The workshop raised over $80,000. All donations will go to the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund to provide assistance to outstanding or financially needed students. The Fund will be matched 100% by the Mr. Vincent Woo Matching Donation Fund.

Please click here to view the two-minute video.