How to help your kids quit video game addiction?

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Parent education seminar II - How to help your kids quit video game addiction?                                          
Speaker: Mr Matthew Lui 
              OUHK Graduate, Ten Outstanding Young Person     


Alumni Affairs Office of Public Affairs Unit organized a talk called 'How to help your kids quit video game addiction?' by OUHK graduate Mr Matthew Lui -- one of Hong Kong's Ten Outstanding Young Persons -- on 24 August 2009. Many parents are worried about their children's addiction to video games. Mr. Lui said such addition arose often because they didn't have other interests and hobbies. So parents should help children develop some hobbies, such as sports, painting or chess. They should appreciate children's strengths and give them encouragement from time to time so as to help them develop self-confidence in pursuing their interests and goals. Mutual agreement between parents and kids on the daily or weekly hours of playing video games is also an effective way. 120 alumni attended the seminar and some also came with their children to take part in the discussion.