How to turn your kids into A-grade students

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Parent education seminar I - How to turn your kids into A-grade students?

Speaker: Mr Thomas Chan & Mrs Teresa Chan
              "Oxford" Dad & Mum. 3 kids are graduates of the University of Oxford


Alumni Affairs Office of Public Affairs Unit organized a seminar called 'How to turn your kids into A-grade students?' on 17 August 2009 drew the participation of 150 alumni. Mr Thomas Chan and Mrs Teresa Chan, known as 'Oxford Dad & Mum' as all their three children are graduates of the prestigious university, shared their parental views and experiences. To turn children into A-grade students, they suggested that parents should help their children understand the importance of studying for interest and ideals. They also illustrated how to assist children in setting goals and making promising academic achievements through external motivation (praises from parents and teachers) and their own determination.