Italian Cheese Appreciation Workshop (29 August 2011)

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The Alumni Affairs Office of the Public Affairs Unit launched a campaign to raise money for the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund in August. There were totally 14 alumni supporting the campaign with many pledged to become the regular donors of the Fund for the next three years. Altogether they donated $84,300. As a token of appreciation, the Alumni Office invited them to attend the Italian Cheese Appreciation Workshop held on 29 August 2011.

The workshop, attracted a full house with 30 participants, was sponsored by il Bel Paese, an Italian deli and restaurant. The shop owner Mr Massimo Sfriso made a presentation in Cantonese, and Ms Shemila Cheng, the Marketing Officer, introduced different kinds of cheese.

Mr Massimo Sfriso led off the work with the history of Italian cheese by sharing three Italian proverbs about cheese. Six tasty cheesy dishes and three boutique wines were prepared for the participants. In the workshop, all participants had a chance to taste Parmigiano Reggiano which is known as ‘King of Cheese’. This full-flavored cheese is very hard and crumbly in texture and is produced in designated provinces of Italy.

The Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund provides assistance to outstanding or financially-needed students. The Fund will be matched 100% by the Mr. Vincent Woo Matching Donation Fund.

Please click here and watch the 3-minute video.