Causes and Latest Development of Acute and Chronic Coronary Heart Diseases

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Dr. Duncan Ho Hung Kwong

Voluntary Guest Speaker:
Dr. Duncan Ho Hung Kwong


21 May 2012 (Monday)


Serena Yang Lecture Theatre

Homantin Campus

Alumni Affairs Office, Public Affairs Unit   



Dr Ho is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of United Kingdom (Edinburgh) and a fellow of Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.



He is a specialist in Cardiology in Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital. He is currently a Council Member of the Hong Kong Medical Society and the Co-Chairman of Continuing Medical Education Committee. He was the Chairman of the Hong Kong Public Doctor’s Association.



Dr Ho will explain the causes and the prevention of acute and chronic coronary heart diseases. He will also offer tips on how to take good care of our hearts in order to prevent sudden death.


Specialist doctors shared health tips in three talks organized by the Alumni Affairs Office of the Public Affairs Unit between May and June. About 100 alumni attended each talk.

Dr Duncan Ho Hung-kwong, a specialist in cardiology at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and hospital, spoke on 'The Causes and Latest Developments in the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Coronary Heart Disease' on 21 May. He explained why it was difficult to detect early-stage coronary heart disease, elucidated what atrial fibrillation is and introduced the latest developments in the treatment of heart diseases.


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