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28 March (Sunday) and 30 May 2004 (Sunday) (Day tours are held already)


Asbury Farm, Sze Tau Leng Village, Fanling, N.T.

Meeting time:

10:00 a.m.

Location: Ticketing Office, KCRC Fanling Station

Ending time:

5:00 p.m.

Location: Ticketing Office, KCRC Fanling Station


A great activity for the whole family, the event will provide members with a chance of getting close to nature and experience organic farming and green living. Participants will have the opportunity to plant and harvest vegetables at the first and second outings respectively. They may purchase the vegetables planted by themselves. The charges will be used to sponsor the hiring of seniors and unemployed people to work on the fields.


Plant or harvest vegetables; organic cooking (e.g. herbal tea, bread, cake, soy milk, village snacks and organic sushi); handicraft (e.g. paper lamp, kite, musical instrument, recycled paper, decorations made of bamboo and grass, and painting) and other activities. The rundown will be designed according to the number and age of participants. (Due to time limit, not all of the above activities may be included.)


HK$90 per trip per adult HK$45 per trip per child of 6 years old and below

  • Inclusive of traveling between Asbury Farm and Fanling KCRC station and a simple luncheon.

  • All fees are collectible by Asbury Farm via the OUHK.

Notes on registration: Applicants must be Alumni Link members, OUHK students, staff or tutors. Each applicant may bring up to 4 family members or friends (i.e. a total of 5 persons maximum). 

Registration and fee payment


Register online. You may choose one trip or both trips.


Within 7 days of your online registration, please send us your payment in a crossed cheque (in favour of "The Open University of Hong Kong") to Public Affairs Unit, The OUHK, 30 Good Shepherd Street, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon.


We will confirm your booking with you by phone or via email after your cheque has been cleared. It will take about two weeks to process the payments by batch.


Reservations are first-come-first-served pending timely receipt of fee payment. The maximum number of participants is 100 per tour.

Notes :


All fees collected are non-refundable.


Adverse weather arrangements


If any of the following bad weather warnings is issued two hours before the meeting time of the activity, or is expected to be issued within two hours, the activity will be cancelled without further notice: thunderstorm warning, any rainstorm warning signals or any tropical cyclone warning signals .


If the bad weather warning(s) is/are cancelled two hours before the meeting time of the activity, or is/are expected to be cancelled within two hours, the activity will be carried out as scheduled.


If none of the above bad weather warnings is hoisted but the weather conditions are very unstable, please call the Public Affairs Unit at 2768 6356 within two hours before the meeting time for the latest arrangements.


If the activity is cancelled due to the adverse weather condition(s) mentioned above or any epidemic outbreak, rescheduling will be arranged.

About Asbury Farm (Leaflet: Page.1, Page.2 )

Situated at Sze Tau Leng Village and operated by Asbury Methodist Social Service, the 80,000-plus sq. ft. Asbury Farm aims to combine the missions of social service and environmental protection. With its serenity and beautiful scenery, the Farm provides a range of leisure and educational activities suiting the needs of various visitors, helping them increase their awareness of environmental issues. A place to relax and learn to be organic farmers.

Closing date: 8 March 2004