Alumni Café X Mr Wally

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More than 100 participants comprised of OUHK alumni, students and members of the public participated in ‘Alumni Café x Mr.Wally’ on 15 November. The event featured popular Japanese street performer Mr.Wally, with OUHK alumna and RTHK DJ Ms Sze-pui Lo served as the MC.

During the event, Mr.Wally sang many well-known Japanese folks, followed by a sharing on his journey of pursuing his dreams. ‘When I was small, I always wanted to travel the world with music. Not only can music relax oneself, it is also a universal language that connects and brings people together,’ said Mr.Wally in his sharing.

When asked about his unforgettable experience during the stay in Hong Kong, Mr.Wally recalled the unfortunate incident of a stranger stealing his money and belonging. ‘To a certain extent, I am grateful for that incident as it brought me to so much attention by local people, and I could feel how kind and helpful Hong Kongers were,’ he added.