Civil Case and Insurance Investigation

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Mr Jacky Chiu

Voluntary Guest Speaker:
Mr Jacky Chiu


23 May 2011 (Monday)


Serena Yang Lecture Theatre

Homantin Campus

Alumni Affairs Office, Public Affairs Unit   



Mr Chiu obtained an Honor Degree in Laws from the University of Wolverhampton in UK. Later he obtained the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) from the University of Hong Kong.


He is now a company legal counsel and the consultant lawyer in Lau Angela Law Office.



Mr Chiu specializes in cases involving family law, personal and work injuries. He will talk about insurance investigation cases.


The Alumni Affairs Office of the Public Affairs Unit has recently raised money for the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund. There were totally 172 alumni and students supporting the events and together they donated $102,500. As a token of appreciation, the Alumni Affairs Office invited them to attend three talks, at which volunteer speakers shared their valuable experiences and highlighted some of the legal issues commonly encountered at work or in everyday life. Each talk was attended by about 150 people.

Mr Jackie Chiu delivered a talk on ‘Civil Case and Insurance Investigation’ on 23 May. Citing controversial cases, such as a traffic accident involving a coach bus hired by a housing court and accidents happening in public space, Mr Chiu explained the general procedures of civil cases. He also advised participants to study insurance policies in detail to avoid any misunderstanding. For example, confinement in rehabilitation centres is generally not covered by medical insurance but this particular clause was always overlooked by many, he said.

All donations received will go to the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund to provide assistance to outstanding or financially-needed students. The Fund will be matched 100% by the Mr. Vincent Woo Matching Donation Fund.