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Dr Nigel Leung Chi-chung joined the OUHK in 1996. Since then he has been involved in teaching, programme management and student activities, and has built up a multifaceted student-teacher relationship both inside and outside the classroom. He is humble about what he has achieved over the years but when recounting the stories he shares with his students, a brilliant smile can be seen clearly on his face.


Addressing students' concerns


Started out in teaching distance learning courses, Dr Leung later became the Programme Leader of various part-time business programmes. He has always been committed to providing 'close' care to distance learning students. He listens to their concerns at all times and deals with their enquiries or even complaints with great patience. 'I would let them express themselves as much as they want before I give any opinion or answer. Explain to them calmly, approach the problem from their standpoint, and try my best to help.'


He recalled a case in which a student opined that her programme did not offer sufficient elective choices. After listening to her elucidation, Dr Leung understood that this was the majority concern and hence suggested her to collect ten students' letters explaining their request. With all students responded enthusiastically, Dr Leung undertook to submit a proposal to the School. 'Eventually a couple more electives were offered. I felt so great that I could really help my students.'


Enriching students' university life



Later he got the opportunity to teach young students when the OUHK started offering full-time programmes. In 2007, he became the Chairman of the University's Committee on Student Affairs which was mainly responsible for approving funding applications from student societies. As a teacher who always put his students first, Dr Leung allowed flexibility to handle the cases in order to support more student bodies' activities. 'Although we do not have a spacious campus, I hope our students can enjoy a colourful and memorable university life here.'


Dr Leung has also played a role in the re-organization of the Students' Union. He was happy to see the young full-time students actively participated and performed in a mature manner during the process, while the distance learning students demonstrated enthusiastic devotion despite their study and work commitments. The selfless cooperation of the two parties has led to the re-establishment of the Students' Union after a long period of stagnation. He humbly said,'I only handled the follow-up issues in the final stage which are actually not any contributions. But I am really honoured to have played a part in accomplishing this historical mission.'

Promoting mutual understanding

Since last year, Dr Leung has taken up the role of Mainland Programme Leader of the School and been in charge of promoting distance learning business programmes designated for students in the mainland. So far there are 12 teaching locations training a number of business executives with international perspectives. In fact, Dr Leung was in Qingdao a while ago to congratulate on the establishment of a new alumni group there.




Over the years, he has been getting along with part-time, full-time and mainland students, realizing that two-way communication is the key to a successful teacher-student relationship, 'I don't want to be a stuffed shirt. Teachers and students can learn from each other.' What Dr Leung considers the most touching moment in his teaching career is seeing his students wearing graduation gown.