Material Delivery Schedule (2024 Autumn Term) School of Science and Technology

Office for Advancement of Learning and Teaching Home Learning Support Course Materials Distribution (For Distance Learning Programmes) Material delivery schedule (part-time [distance learning] programmes) Material Delivery Schedule (2024 Autumn Term) School of Science and Technology
Material Delivery Schedule (2024 Autumn Term) School of Science and Technology
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COMP 2010SED Computing Fundamentals With Java
COMP 2120SED Network Programming And Design
COMP 2580SED Computer Programming And Problem Solving
COMP 2600SED Computer Architecture And Operating Systems
COMP 3110SED Advanced Java Programming And Mobile Application Development
COMP 3590SED Relational Databases: Theory & Practice
COMP 3630SED Discrete Structures
COMP 4500SED Applied Computing Project
COMP 4560SED Software Engineering And Project Management
COMP 4680SED Networks And Distributed Systems
COMP 4910SED Machine Learning And Applications
COMP S258 Computer Programming and Problem Solving
COMP S260 Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
COMP S263 Discrete Structures
COMP S311 Advanced Java Programming and Mobile Application Development
COMP S356 Software Engineering and Project Management
COMP S359 Relational Databases: Theory & Practice
COMP S368 Networks and Distributed Systems
COMP S450 Applied Computing Project
COMP S491 Machine Learning and Applications
ELEC 3220SED Circuit Analysis And Logic Design
ELEC 3240SED Computers And Processors
ELEC 3250SED Electronic Circuit Analysis And Design
ELEC 3320SED Computer Networks
ELEC 4230SED Information Theory And Digital Communications
ELEC 4340SED Signal Processing And Multimedia Technology
ELEC S212 Network Programming and Design
ELEC S222 Electronics Principles and Digital Design
ELEC S224 Computers and Processors
ELEC S225 Analogue Circuits
ELEC S323 Information Theory and Digital Communications
ELEC S332 Computer Networks
ELEC S333 Computer and PC Design
ELEC S334 Signal Processing and Multimedia Technology
ELEC S402 Electronics Project Course
ELEC S403 Communications Technology Project
ELEC S404 Computer Engineering Project Course
ENGG 3280SED Engineering Professional Practice
IT 1010SED Introduction To Information And Communications Technology
IT 1230SED Introduction To Internet Services And Applications
IT 2340SED Web Site Design
IT S101 Introduction to Information and Communications Technology
IT S123 Introduction to Internet Services and Applications
IT S234 Web Site Design
MATH 1210SED A Foundation In Pure Mathematics
MATH 1220SED A Foundation In Applied Mathematics
MATH S121 A Foundation in Pure Mathematics
MATH S122 A Foundation in Applied Mathematics
MATH S221 Mathematical Methods
MATH S346 Linear Statistical Modelling
MATH S350 Applied Probability Models for Decision Making
MATH S365 Graphs, Networks and Design
MATH S373 Optimization Methods for Decision Making
MATH S390 Quantitative Models for Financial Risk
PHYS S271 Discovering Physics
STAT 2420SED Statistics In Society
STAT S242 Statistics in Society