Material Delivery Schedule (2024 Autumn Term) Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration

Office for Advancement of Learning and Teaching Home Learning Support Course Materials Distribution (For Distance Learning Programmes) Material delivery schedule (part-time [distance learning] programmes) Material Delivery Schedule (2024 Autumn Term) Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration
Material Delivery Schedule (2024 Autumn Term) Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration
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ACT 3094BED Accounting in Business and Practice
ACT B210 Introduction to Accounting
ACT B210C 會計學導論
ACT B313 Management and Cost Accounting
ACT B331 Company Accounting I
ACT B407 Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis I
ACT B414 Taxation I
ACT B416 Auditing I
ACT B811 Financial Accounting and Taxation
ACT B861 Accounting for Corporations
ACT B866 Audit Theory and Practice
ACT B867 Accounting Information Systems: A Managerial Perspective
BIS B123 Business Computing Applications
BUS 1000BED An Introduction to Business and Management
BUS 2007BED Shaping Business Opportunities
BUS 3005BED Exploring Innovation and Entrepreneurship
BUS B103 English and Communications for Business I
BUS B191C 商業關係與溝通(一)
BUS B273 Quantitative Analysis for Business
BUS B273C 商業數量分析
BUS B368 Business Issues and Ethics
BUS B880 Directed Studies in Business Research
BUS B880C 商業研究專題
BUS B950 Business Research
BUS B950C 商業研究
BUS B980 Directed Studies in Business
BUS B980C 商業專題研究
CGV B410 Corporate Administration and Secretarial Practice
CGV B413 Corporate Governance
CGV B812 Corporate Secretaryship and Compliance
CGV B813 Corporate Governance
COMR B204 Introduction to Business and Management
FIN 4094BED Financial Analysis and Decision Making
FIN B280 Introduction to Financial Management
FIN B386 Financial Decision Making
FIN B389 Financial Markets
FIN B814 Corporate Finance and Risk Management
FIN B862 Treasury and Financial Management
IB 8090BED International Management Strategy
IB B390 International Business Management
IB B390C 國際商業管理學
IB B396 Asia Pacific Issues in Management
IB B461 International Marketing
IB B890 International Management Strategy
LAW B262 Business Law I
LAW B262C 商業法(一)
LAW B333 Company Law I
LAW B810 Hong Kong Corporate Law
MGT 3008BED Developing Leadership
MGT 4029BED Leadership in a Changing World
MGT B240 Principles and Practices of Management
MGT B240C 管理原理與實務
MGT B342C 培訓及發展
MGT B347 Managing People and Organizations
MGT B349 Managing Key Functions in Human Resource Management
MGT B398 Business Strategy
MGT B399 Management Policy and Strategy
MGT B399C 管理政策與策略
MGT B440 Strategic Management of Human Resources
MGT B815 Strategic Management
MGT B820 Strategy
MGT B831C 策略管理
MKT 3006BED Understanding Customers
MKT 4028BED Marketing in Action
MKT B250C 市場學導論
MKT B363 Consumer Behaviour
MKT B363C 消費者行為
MKT B366 Marketing Communications
SCM B370 Operations Management
SCM B470 Supply Chain Management
SPM 3039BED Athletic Leadership and Sports Science Management
SPM 4012BED Athletic Development: a Psychological Perspective
SPM 4036BED Exercise Science into Practice
SPM B213 Working and Learning in Sport and Fitness