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Course Guide


Course Start Date
Aut 2024
Course Level
Length in Terms
2 terms
Fees ($) (including lab fees)
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Course Start Date
Course LevelLength in TermsCredits
Fees ($) (including lab fees)
Future Terms
Aut 2024
Postgraduate2 terms6

Course Coordinator:

Mr Timothy WU Chung Ming, BScN(Hons) (PolyU); MNurs (HKU); Dip.(Biostat.) (CUHK); ProDip.(OSH) (HKBU); PRegCert. (Intensive Care Nursing) IANS

Course Developer:

Edward SZETO Lok Chun

COMP 4500SED Applied Computing Project is a two-term, six-credit-unit, 4000-level course within the Bachelor of Computing with Honours in Internet Technology (BCITH) programme suite and the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computing and Networking (BSCICNH) programme suite. It is a compulsory course for BCITH and BSCICNH. Students will carry out a non-trivial computing project under supervision.

Mandatory prerequisite(s)

Students are required to have studied courses COMP 3110SED and COMP 3590SED before studying this course.


This course aims to prepare students for advanced practice nursing roles in respiratory care, focusing on managing clients with chronic lung diseases. Students will be equipped with specialised knowledge and advanced clinical skills to provide quality respiratory care to clients with chronic lung disease independently and interdependently with the multidisciplinary team. They will scrutinise the latest scientific evidence to formulate appropriate respiratory care for clients with chronic lung diseases and make a meaningful impact on the lives of clients with chronic respiratory conditions.


Topic 1: Chronic lung disease management
  1. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  2. Asthma
  3. Bronchiectasis
  4. Occupational lung diseases
  5. Interstitial lung diseases
  6. Sleep-related breathing disorders
  7. Bronchogenic carcinoma
Topic 2: Care of patients with chronic lung diseases
  1. Physical and psychosocial aspects of respiratory patients
  2. Oxygen therapy and long-term oxygen therapy
  3. Empowerment management (e.g., smoking cessation)
  4. Personalised medicine and self-management support intervention
  5. Community resources and transitional care for patients with respiratory diseases
  6. Palliative care and community support for patients with advanced chronic lung diseases
Topic 3: Multidisciplinary approach in respiratory care
  1. Respiratory Nurse Clinic
  2. Pharmacological perspective on patients with respiratory diseases
  3. Nutritional management of respiratory patients
  4. Physiotherapy in respiratory patients
  5. Occupational therapy in respiratory patients
Topic 4: Pulmonary rehabilitation
  1. Face-to-face rehabilitation program
  2. Tele rehabilitation in patients with respiratory conditions
Topic 5: Surgical approach for thoracic malignancy and respiratory disorders
  1. Thoracic surgery
  2. Peri-operation nursing care for patients with thoracic surgery
  3. Short- and long-term care
Topic 6: Lung transplantation
  1. Indications for lung transplantation
  2. Procedure and peri-operation nursing care
  3. Immunosuppressive therapy, short- and long-term care

Learning support

Lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions, seminar and clinical visits


Continuous assessment includes a test and group presentation; examination includes an individual paper.

Electronic submission of assignments is allowed.

Online requirement

Access to OLE

Equipment and Software

A computer with a word-processing software, preferably Microsoft Word, installed.


Students will need access to a computer with the Windows operating system.

Set book(s)

To be included in the course materials

Students with disabilities or special educational needs

Students with serious impairment of sight or manual dexterity may find it difficult to follow this course. Course and supplementary materials are not available on tape. You are encouraged to seek advice from the Course Coordinator before enrolling on this course.