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BUS B950

More information: Course Guide

BUS B950

More information: Course Guide

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Course Coordinator: Dr Matthew Yeung, BSc, MSc (Herts); PhD (Nottingham)

Course Developer: Course Team, The Open University, UK

This course aims to help students develop their knowledge of management and business research methods and will aid them in preparation for completing a research proposal for future research. It aims to introduce some of the essential practical and conceptual skills for research and gives students an opportunity to practice them. It also introduces the survey analysis as a particular example of research methodology.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Research in business management
    – Introduction to research in business management
    – Philosophy underpinning management research

  • Introduction to research
    – Basic methodological choice
    – Validity and reliability
    – Conceptualizing and refining the research topic
    – The state-of-the-art (literature review)
    – Quantitative research — sampling, questionnaire design and data collection
    – Quantitative research — key characteristics
    – Quantitative research — data analysis
    – Writing research reports
    – Ethics and politics in research

Learning support
There will be eight three-hour tutorials and two four-hours of computer workshops.

There will be three written assignments and an oral presentation (compulsory assignment). Students must use word processing software (such as Microsoft Word) to prepare the assignments, and submit the assignments via the Online Learning Environment (OLE).

Students will need access to a personal computer with an Internet connection.

Set book(s)
To be advised.