Openlink Vol 23 Issue 4 (Dec 2014)

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 Openlink Vol 23 Issue 4 (Dec 2014)
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President's Message
25th Anniversary Activities
Mo Yan, OUHK honorary Doctor of Letters and Nobel Laureate in Literature, revisits OU family video
Movie Night video
The OUHK 25th Anniversary Exhibition
OUHK hosts the 28th AAOU Conference
Exchange of theories and practices in testing and certification
Distinguished Speaker Series:
Financial expert presents insights on the tapering of quantitative easing
25th Anniversary Banquet video
International Lectures on Cross-cultural Dialogue and Social Change
Cantonese Opera Night video
Library presents 'The Treasure of OUHK People over Twenty-Five Years' book display
Twenty-third Congregation video
Microalgal treatment can purify food waste and yield biofuel, research suggests
A warm welcome to the Sino-British Fellowship Trust
Welcome luncheon
Over 300 volunteers receive free community healthcare training
Four distinguished individuals awarded honorary Doctoral Degrees video
OUHK honours five distinguished individuals as Fellows video
New academic staff
Distinguished results from the RGC --- a triumph for the OUHK's research funding
Student Support and Activities
Welcome, first years!
Other student activities
Student Achievements
Mainland Links
Academic Activities and Alliances
Programmes and Courses
LiPACE updates
Alumni Affairs
New Publications/Film
Publications and film by OUHK staff