Vol 18 Issue 1 (Feb 2009)

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President's Message
Campus Phase Two
New campus unveiling and
20th Anniversary celebration launch
Facilities named after philanthropists
Other facilities named
Campus Phase Two design embraces University motto
Seventeenth Congregation

Honorary Doctoral Degrees for industrialist, educationalist, Chief Secretary for Administration and translator

Year-round activities to commemorate the OUHK's 20th Anniversary

Upcoming 20th Anniversary activities

Cast your vote to elect the
next OUHK Students' Union Executive Committee and Council

Two new books to commemorate Anniversary
Environmental award for Prof. Ho Kin-chung
Research grant for work on red tide
New academic staff on board
New Honorary Professor of the School of Science and Technology
Dr Philip Tsang receives President's Award again
Mainland Links
New Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law programme with Northwest University of Politics and Law
Programmes and Courses
LiPACE new Chinese arts and culture courses and updates
OUHK's Elder Academy
Sponsorship and Donations
Scholarship and bursary awards ceremonies
Fundraising success
for government matching grant

Recent donations

Student Support and Activities
China Law Society anniversary dinner and seminars

A&SS Alumni Society graduates photo-taking tour and dinner

Be a mentor to a Sichuan student
Singapore exchange study tour

Legislator gives talk for Chinese Affairs Society

WiMax project and USB e-auction sale

Nursing symposium and centre visits
Director of short films shares thoughts with OUHK students

Students' Union inauguration and next election

Chinese Students and Scholars Association inauguration
Accounting Society's new cabinet
SIFE leadership training and inauguration
Investment Society 2009 activities
Photo-taking for kendo championships
Christian Fellowship's retreat on Tao Fong Shan
Full-time student joins Taiwan exchange
Playing Mary Warren in Arthur Miller's The Crucible
Psychology Society leadership training