Vol 16 Issue 2 (May 2007)

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President's Message
Sponsorship and Donations
Donations for campus phase two reach $136 million

The T H Chan Memorial Scholarship for Nurses

Recent donations
Academic Activities and Alliances
Accolades for academic achievements
Talk for the Alumni Fund on the challenges facing parents of e-generation children
Programmes and Courses
Full-time programmes of the School of Arts and Social Sciences
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Language and Translation
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Chinese Language and Literature
Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours
LiPACE updates
Professional Diploma in Quality Service Management
New programmes
Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law
Full-time MBA
New A&SS Dean
Prof. Kwok-kan Tam

Superintendent goes back to class

New staff on board
Prof. John C Y Leong reappointed as President
Appointment of Director of Full-time Programmes
Student Support and Activities

Taking an exam on Tai Tung Shan

OUHK out in force to recruit mainland students
Career Day for full-time students
Pitching in for campus development

Mental Health Awareness Week

Tips on stress management from former Commissioner of the Hong Kong Police

Talk on development of a constitutional government in China
Award in taekwondo competition
Badminton trophy for translation student
Upcoming activities of the Christian Fellowship (Full-time Programme)
Dancing Society annual gala

Music Society singing contest

Join the Christian Fellowship
Upcoming events to watch out for
2007 International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning
New books



A Systemic Functional Grammar of Chinese