Openlink Vol 11 Issue 4

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President's Message
Unit Profile
Educational Technology and Publishing Unit
University Council
Eleventh Congregation
Honorary doctorates
Photo service for graduates
Programmes and Courses

New programmes for April 2003 semester

Professional recognition for postgraduate programmes
Credit transfer for associate degree graduates
New LiPACE programmes
Overseas exchange for Yi Jin students
Project Yi Jin and pre-associate degree programme graduation ceremony
Anniversary Banquet
Honorary University Fellows
Honours and Awards
AAOU Award for President
Web Care and Call Centre awards
Partnerships and Alliances
More donations

Alumni Fund

Academic Activities and Research

Environmental Forum

Lifelong Learning Seminars
Professional Development Seminars
Research on red tide
Institutional Review
New Faces
International Links
World Alliance in Distance Education
Mainland Links
Student and Graduate Profiles
Communications Technology graduate Ngai Wai-shun
Student Support and Activities
One more option in financial support
Software discounts
IT Literacy Library Collection
Educational television
Students' Union Preparatory Committee
Join the Dragon Boat Club!
Full-time associate degree orientation
Apply for funding
Mainland China cultural exchange
Contact details of student/ alumni societies
Readers' Column
Advice for first-timers