e-bulletin (Issue 167) - 14 Jun 2023

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 14 Jun 2023 (Issue 167)
University Updates
Dr Ina Ho Chan Un-chan, the founder of the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Troupe, announced a donation to support the establishment of the research centre. Through the translation of libretti, exchange activities and academic research, the centre aims to promote education and appreciation of Cantonese opera for local and overseas communities.
Three students shared their experience in incorporating technology into traditional ink paintings and showcasing them through 360-degree and 270-degree immersive Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) systems in the Digital Art Laboratory opened earlier this year. By volume, the 270-degree system is the largest of its kind among all institutions in Asia.
The Student Affairs Office and Fu Hong Society co-hosted the HKMU Best Buddies Ceremony and Carnival, marking the start of a long-term partnership to promote care for people with intellectual disabilities and social inclusion.
Research & Knowledge Transfer
HKMU is now developing a VR-based Driving Training System for driving practice and mock tests, hoping to overcome the drawbacks of conventional driving practice, prepare learners to drive in various traffic conditions and enhance the efficiency of road usage. The project has received funding support from the Smart Traffic Fund and Lee Kin Driving School.
Commissioned by the Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society, the organiser of the scheme, the research study finds that participating parents, children and volunteers have all benefited in personal and interpersonal development.
• Recognised scholar: Dr Juan Carlos Astudillo Placencia, Assistant Professor
• Winning project: ‘Eco-Tiles for Enhancing Marine Biodiversity’
• Recognised scholar: Dr Antony Huen, Research Assistant Professor
• Recognised essay: ‘Transculturalism, Transformation and the Visual Arts in Contemporary British Women’s Poetry’
Winning works: Children’s Fashion (兒童風尚), Dusk Archive (黃昏檔案)
23 Jun (Fri) 9:30am
29 Jun (Thu) 5:00pm

Speaker: Dr Ted SUEN, MH, Executive Director for Digital Mobility at NEOM
4–6 Jul (Tue–Thu)
Knowledge for All (Sundays, 9:00am-1:00pm on TVB Pearl)
• Developing Coach-Athlete Relationships for Effective Coaching (18 Jun 12:10)
• The Culture of Cantonese Opera: Script, Literature and Chicken Soup for the Soul (25 Jun 10:05)
• IOT Revolution in Asia: Digital and Energy Solution (25 Jun 11:45)

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