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15 Aug 2018 (Issue 109)

Dr Allan Zeman, the 'Father of Lan Kwai Fong', will share his entrepreneurial journey from garment business to Lan Kwai Fong on 17 Sep (Mon). Details to be released on the Series website soon.

Themed 'Chinese Culture in the 21st Century and its Global Dimensions', the conference, to take place on 13–15 Mar 2019, is now calling for papers. Deadline for abstract submission: 19 Oct (Fri).

Please refer to the Chinese version.
Campus Updates
Undergraduate students from different programmes share their fruitful lives at the OUHK including their experiences during studies, competitions, internships and overseas exchanges, to name but a few.
Programme Info
Explores how criminology, penology, social policy studies and psychology contribute to crime control at macro and micro levels
Trains innovative human resources professionals and leaders who excel in the design and implementation of HRM policies and practices while operating effectively in a multicultural environment
(Only Chinese info available)
(Only Chinese info available)
Next test will be held from 25–28 Oct (only Chinese info available)
Open for Learning

• Marine Resources and Marine Investment: Marine Economy of China (in English)
• Great Speakers Series: Rambling Through Dunhuang? (Ms. Lee Mei Yin) (in Cantonese)
• 360-degree China Series: The past and present of Mongolian Culture (in Putonghua)
Alumni Corner

Alumni are welcome to share their latest news and moves with the alumni community.

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