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13 Jun 2018 (Issue 107)

Come for the vibrant works of graduates from our four Creative Arts programmes, as well as the 'New Directors Summit' and 'The Future Stories' seminar, on 21–25 Jun. (Opening Ceremony on 22 Jun).

On 22 Jun (Friday), Dr Danny Leung, Associate Professor of the School of Education and Languages will give a public seminar entitled 'You Are What You SPEAK: Accurate English Pronunciation and Fluent English Speaking', targetting Cantonese speakers.

Find out about our undergraduate programmes on Main Campus and Jockey Club Campus on 30 Jun (Sat) afternoon!

On the afternoon of 21 July (Sat), the School of Nursing and Health Studies is going to host the Community Healthcare Day, an annual community-wide event to enhance health knowledge and raise awareness of those who have special healthcare needs in the community.

Openness and innovation are major trends in contemporary education, influencing the whole spectrum of education institutions across the globe. Technological advancements and breakthroughs are bringing about a paradigm shift in contemporary education. Modes of learning and teaching are becoming more open and innovative in terms of time, space, curriculum contents, organization, pedagogical methods, infrastructure and requirements. The conference on 4–6 Jul will explore key issues of relevant advancements.

Please register before the deadline. (Free for OUHK full-time staff only.)
Campus Updates
Undergraduate students from different programmes share their fruitful lives at the OUHK including their experiences during studies, competitions, internships and overseas exchanges, to name but a few.
Programme Info
Explores how criminology, penology, social policy studies and psychology contribute to crime control at macro and micro levels.
Provides an in-depth education and training in the artistic practice of photography and digital imaging technology in relation to visual communication and media practice. Graduates will be equipped for careers in applied photography, moving images photography, visual communication and other areas of the creative industries.
Next test will be held from 25–28 Oct. Enrolment on preparation course is now open (available in Chinese only).
Open for Learning

• Fintech: Shaping the Future Economy (Dr Andrew Wat) (in Cantonese)
• Hotel Management: Take You Around the World (Mr Brian Liu) (in Cantonese)
• Competing in the New Innovation-Driven Global Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for Hong Kong (in English)

Alumni Corner

Alumni are welcome to share their latest news and moves with the alumni community.

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