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16 May 2018 (Issue 106)

Prof. Lam Hon-ming of the CUHK School of Life Sciences will illustrate how scientists integrate advanced laboratory investigations and traditional agricultural wisdom to explore soybean resources and build the foundation for soybean crop improvement programmes on 8 Jun (Fri).

Mr Akira Nogami, Visiting Professor at Tokyo Junshin University and former children's book editor of publisher Shogakukan, along with Dr Miki Takeuchi, Associate Professor at Toyo University, will talk about how the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 Mar 2011 has influenced expressions in Japanese children's books, manga, anime and film on 24 May (Thu).

As part of a Le French May associated project, an exhibition on French-inspired Chinese magazines and literature is being held until 2 Jun.

Openness and innovation are major trends in contemporary education, influencing the whole spectrum of education institutions across the globe. Technological advancements and breakthroughs are bringing about a paradigm shift in contemporary education. Modes of learning and teaching are becoming more open and innovative in terms of time, space, curriculum contents, organization, pedagogical methods, infrastructure and requirements. The conference on 4–6 Jul will explore key issues of relevant advancements.

Please register before the deadline. (Free for OUHK full-time staff only.)
Campus Updates
At the OUHK, we create opportunities for success in life and groom talent to meet the community’s evolving needs so as to propel society to go further.
Undergraduate students from different programmes share their fruitful lives at the OUHK including their experiences during studies, competitions, internships and overseas exchanges, to name but a few.
Programme Info
Explores how criminology, penology, social policy studies and psychology contribute to crime control at macro and micro levels.
(Only Chinese info available)
Open for Learning

• The Joy of Teaching and Learning in Kindergartens (Dr Maggie Koong) (in Cantonese)
• 360-degree China Series: The Nomads’ Participation in the Making of China’s History (in Putonghua)
• Is Hong Kong ready for the future? Recent initiatives to modernize the HK stock market (in English)
Alumni Corner

The May issue is here! Alumni are welcome to share their latest news and moves with the alumni community.

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