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18 May 2016 (Issue 82)   

    Great Speakers Series  

The OUHK Great Speakers Series is a distinguished talk series organized to further our mission of Education for All. It is the only public lecture series that is accessible by all in Hong Kong through TV broadcasts, turning all of Hong Kong into an OUHK lecture hall, and enlightening all in Hong Kong.

Upcoming speakers:

  Professor Yau Shing Tung (18 July)

For more information and registration for the talks, please visit www.ouhk.edu.hk/greatspeakers.

    OU InfoDay for Postgraduates and Flexible Learning  

Information sessions of programmes will be held, where visitors can explore their preferred flexible learning mode, meet OUHK teaching staff and browse through learning materials. There will also be advisory services on course selection, credit exemption and financial assistance.

Date: 18 June 2016 (Sat)
Time: 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Venue: OUHK Ho Man Tin Campus 



    Knowledge Network Highlight – Global Environment and Protection  

The human society has developed rapidly over the last two hundred years. Population growth leads to not only a rise in demand for natural resources but also destruction and pollution of the environment. The free courseware Global Environment and Protection will delve into the environmental protection issue by introducing the global environment and operation of the ecosystem.

Enjoy studying!

Register at Knowledge Network and enjoy more free coursewares now!




OUHK Press new publication — Language, Society and Culture in Hong Kong, by Eden Sum-hung Li

Language, Society and Culture in Hong Kong is a comprehensive introduction to the socio-cultural linguistic issues in Hong Kong society, one of the most linguistically interesting communities in the world. This book aims to provide undergraduate and graduate students as well as those who are interested in the language phenomenon of Hong Kong with an up-to-date exploration in the discipline. A discounted price of $221 (original price: $260) is offered to OUHK staff, students, tutors and alumni. There is a postage charge of $22 for mail order.



    Master of Creative and Cultural Industries Management  

The programme aims at strengthening students' understanding of creative and cultural industries management and developing their professional leadership and strategic business skills for the field. It equips students with the relevant perspectives and skills to become competent leaders in creative and cultural industries.






    Master of Corporate Finance and Compliance
Master of Global Business and Marketing

These two postgraduate programmes are newly offered by the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration.

MCFCF combines corporate finance and related legal knowledge preparing graduates for professional and managerial positions across different businesses and the financial industry, while MGBMF focuses on marketing and global business knowledge to prepare graduates for professional and managerial positions across the marketing spectrum.

    Two-year Day-time Top-up Degree Programmes in Applied Science & Environmental Studies  

These two day-time programmes are available for holders of Associate Degree or Higher Diploma in Science or related disciplines.

Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge to hold employment in the many professions associated with biological science, chemical science, environmental protection, management and sustainable development.

Students will learn through attending day-time weekday and weekend lectures, tutorials and lab sessions. Course materials will be provided to facilitate students' independent learning, and printed and multimedia resources from the distance learning programmes will also be included.

An information seminar will be held with details as follows:
Date: 25 May (Wed)
Time: 2:00 pm
Venue: Room C0610, 6/F, Block C, OUHK Ho Man Tin Campus






    Master of Social Sciences in International Economics and Development  

To broaden the horizons of its students and increase their awareness of economic development in different social and political contexts, this master programme aims at developing a multi-disciplinary perspective to students to analyze current international and development issues, and exposing them to inter-disciplinary courses pertaining to international relations and international organizations.






      Master of Nursing (Chinese Medicinal Nursing)  

Please refer to the Chinese version.





    Postgraduate Programmes in Autism Spectrum Disorder  

The programmes aim at providing students with more advanced and up-to-date knowledge of research, theories, interventions, and therapies for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).







    Professional Bodies Recognition  

The business programmes offered by The Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration are recognized by a number of leading local and international professional bodies. A range of exemptions and memberships have been granted to the OUHK graduates. Please view the latest promotion video online.



    Language Enhancement Courses  

The School of Education and Languages offers language studies programmes in English language and Chinese language, as well as a number of language enhancement courses in English, Chinese and Putonghua. These language enhancement courses last for one to two semesters only and are suitable for those who wish to enhance their language proficiency in social, academic and workplace contexts.



    Recent highlights  

  Great Speakers Series: A Reflected Spectrum: On the Contemporary Meaning of the Chinese Cultural Tradition (in Putonghua)
  Great Speakers Series: Education Misunderstood!
  China's Response to Global Climatic Change




       New benefits for Alumni Link members  

Good news! The following benefit for members has been extended, with enlarged coverage:

  NOW TV: Special offer of $99 per month for 2 packs. Additional charge of $38 for HD will be waived. Subscription now covers Copa America 2016 and UEFA EURO 2016.

By presenting the Alumni Link membership card, members can enjoy lots of benefits and privileges. For details and the terms and conditions, please visit www.ouhk.edu.hk/alumnibenefits.



       A Taste of Good Life Cooking Workshop Series  

The cooking workshop series ended with The Big Feast for Mother's Day held on 26 April. Under the guidance of Master Lau and Tony, the participants learnt to cook three masterly dishes and got prepared for Mother's Day. Browse the following link to share their joy and download your photos!



(Alumni groups formed by volunteer alumni)
    Alumni Association of the OUHK  

Upcoming activities are as follows:
1. English Speaking Group practice (20 May)
2. Heritage tour to Central and Western District (21 May)
3. Visit to Coca-cola factory (25 June, details available later)

Details of the activities are available on the Association's homepage or Facebook fanpage.


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