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13 May 2015 (Issue 70)   

    Full-time Programmes InfoDay  

Date: 15 May (Fri)
Time: 2:00 pm
Venue: OUHK Ho Man Tin Campus
Website: www.ouhk.edu.hk/FTP

HKDSE students and parents are welcome to join.



    Knowledge Network Highlight – Avoiding Common Errors in English Writing  

Writing error-free English is not an easy task for some non-native English speakers. For writers whose first language is not English, the tendency to draw on grammatical and lexical patterns from the first language is common. If you would like to polish your English writing skills and have more confidence in expressing yourself accurately in English, please visit Knowledge Network for the free courseware Avoiding Common Errors in English Writing.

This module focuses on errors in English writing which are commonly found among Chinese speakers. You will also be given an opportunity to test your own understanding of English grammar through various activities. Enjoy study!

Register at Knowledge Network and enjoy more free courseware now!



    Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects  

This four-year full-time programme aims to nurture students' creativity and provide them with an in-depth education and professional training in Animation and Visual Effects. Key areas of study and training include (1) Art History, Theory and Aesthetics, Drawing Skills; (2) Creative Design, Cinematic, and Storytelling Skills; (3) Animation Production; and (4) Digital visual effects.






    Master of Social Sciences in Industrial-Organizational Psychology  
    Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial-Organizational Psychology  

These two programmes aim at fostering students' ability in applying knowledge of industrial-organizational psychology, in order to enhance organizational productivity and employees' well-being. (New students are admitted for every September semester only.)

Application is now open till 15 June 2015.



    Business programmes recognized by professional bodies  

The business degree programmes offered by the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration are recognized by a number of leading local and international professional bodies. A range of exemptions and memberships have been granted to the OUHK graduates. To learn more, please view the latest promotion video online.



    Postgraduate programmes in Cultural and Heritage Tourism  

The programmes aim to equip students with a thorough understanding of cultural and heritage tourism from the cultural, heritage, historical, anthropological, sociological and economic perspective. The programmes are suitable for incumbents from NGOs, educational, cultural and heritage fields, related public and private organizations and the general public who find the programmes interesting. (New students are only admitted in September semester annually.)

Application is now open till 15 June 2015.






    Recent highlights  

  Investor Education Day 2015: Impact of 'Stock Connect' to the Local Market and Investors
  The Production Team of a Staged Drama Performance (in Cantonese) (View online)
  The Language of Universe



      New Benefits for Alumni Link members  

Good news! More benefits are now available for Alumni Link members, and the latest one is discount on art jamming and venue hiring at Everything2. Check out more at www.ouhk.edu.hk/alumnibenefits.



      'Alumni Gift for the Future' Fundraising Campaign  

The Alumni Affairs Office has launched a 'Alumni Gift for the Future' fundraising campaign to raise funds towards the Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund for financially needy and academically outstanding students. During the period from 1 June 2014 to 31 December 2015, donors whose cumulative donations of HK$8,000 or above will be acknowledged with their names printed on the donor wall at the Jubilee College. Please give us your support!  



(Alumni groups formed by volunteer alumni)
      Alumni Association of the OUHK  

A range of activities will be organized in May and June including:
1. Singing practice (17 May)
2. A cooking workshop for the alumni (17 May)
3. A talk on Photography of flowers and people (20 May)
4. Badminton practice (24 May and 31 May)
5. Talent Show by OUHK Alumni 2015 (30 May)
6. Tai Chi class (31 May and 7 June)

For details, please visit the Association's homepage or Facebook fanpage.


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