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11 Feb 2015 (Issue 67)   

Admission Seminar for Full-time Undergraduate Programmes  

Full-time face-to-face programmes information sessions and advisory services on course selection will be held. Applications for full-time programmes will be accepted and admission interviews for some programmes will be arranged on-the-spot. HKDSE candidates, holders of HKALE, Associate Degree, Higher Diploma or equivalent qualifications are welcome.
Date: 2 March (Mon)
Time: 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Venue: OUHK Ho Man Tin campus
Website: www.ouhk.edu.hk/FTP



Knowledge Network Highlight – Understand Health Promotion  

The winter flu peak has started earlier than in previous years and has hit harder than usual. Apart from maintaining a good personal hygiene, it is equally important to live a healthy lifestyle so as to lower the chance of getting flu. To understand more on the topic of health promotion, please visit Knowledge Network for the free courseware Understand Health Promotion.

Wish you good health in the Year of the Goat!




OUHK Press new publication —《商業決策背後的經濟理論》

Please refer to the Chinese version.




    Business programmes recognized by professional bodies  

The business degree programmes offered by the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration are recognized by a number of leading local and international professional bodies. A range of exemptions and memberships have been granted to the OUHK graduates. To learn more, please view the latest promotion video online.



      Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Business Intelligence and Analytics  

This new full-time programme is suitable for students who aim at pursuing careers in data management, business intelligence, data analysis, business analysis, etc. It equips students with theoretical and practical knowledge as well as skills in data warehousing, big data management, business intelligence and business analytics technologies and techniques that are necessary for enterprises to capitalize on all data resources to make better business decisions.



    Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English and Comparative Literature  

This new full-time programme is designed to give students a broad and comprehensive training in the cultural formation of the language and its literature in the modern and globalized era. It equips students with the ability of critical thinking through the study of literature, culture, film and mass media and prepares them for complex jobs involving sophistication in cultural critique.







    Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law (e-Learning programme)  

  Real-time online lectures / tutorials
  Course materials developed by renowned Beijing scholars and legal experts
  Focus on case studies and business application
  Recognized by the Law Society of Hong Kong and HKICPA for CPD points
  May complete the programme in 12 months  



    Master in Professional Accountancy (Chinese) (e-Learning programme)  

Please refer to the Chinese version.



      Early Childhood Education Programmes  

Please refer to the Chinese version.









    Recent highlights  

  Annual Conference of Asian Association of Open Universities
  Alumni Sharing Series: The Art of Corporate Management (in Cantonese) (View online)
  Combating Corruption in Hong Kong and International Experience (in Cantonese) (View online)



      Outstanding Alumni Sharing Series — Crisis Management and Negotiation Skills (in Cantonese)  

Date: 5 March (Thu)
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Venue: P01, Serena Yang Lecture Theatre, OUHK Ho Man Tin Campus
Voluntary guest speaker: Alumnus Mr Ho Ming-sun (former Senior Superintendent of Police)
Admission fee: Free



(Alumni groups formed by volunteer alumni)
      Emotion and Psychology in Modern Management (in Cantonese)  

Date: 27 February (Fri)
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Venue: B0614, Ho Kwan Yat Memorial Hall, OUHK Ho Man Tin Campus
Guest speaker: Dr Sam Ng (Clinical Psychologist)
Enrollment: Please send an email to lindaycb@yahoo.com.hk
Organizers: MBA Association of the OUHK & Alumni Affairs Office of the Public Affairs Unit




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