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16 Oct 2013 (Issue 51)   

    Full-time Programmes InfoDay  

Date: 26 October (Sat)
Time: 2:00pm
Venue: OUHK Ho Man Tin Campus
Website: www.ouhk.edu.hk/InfoDay


HKDSE students and holders of Pre-associate Degree / Associate Degree / Higher Diploma are welcome to join.



    Seminar on Testing and Certification: From an Engineering Perspective  

Testing and Certification is a profession that requires a wide range of knowledge. Besides analytical chemistry and microbiology, engineering is another vital area in the Testing and Certification industry. To increase public awareness and understanding of the industry from an engineering perspective, the OUHK will organize the Seminar on Testing and Certification: From an Engineering Perspective. Other activities including career exhibition and programme briefing sessions will also be held on the same day.


Date: 26 October (Sat)
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 nn
Venue: Serena Yang Lecture Theatre, OUHK Ho Man Tin Campus
Language: Cantonese
Online Registration: http://tc.ouhk.edu.hk


*Attendance certificates will be issued to registered participants.



    Testing and Certification programmes  

Testing and certification industry is one of the six economic areas where Hong Kong enjoys clear advantages and has good potential for further development. The Master of Science in Testing and Certification programme is designed for those who have obtained a Bachelor of Sciences or Bachelor of Engineering degree in a relevant discipline and are interested to embark on a career in the testing and certification industry. Non-HKDSE students can apply for the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Testing and Certification programme via direct application.



  Recent highlights  

  MPF Investment Education Seminar: How to deal with the Local and Global Investment Market in 2013 (in Cantonese)


  Corporate Governance in Hong Kong (view online)


  Fresh Wave Best Script Remains – Self Reveals by the Movie Makers (in Cantonese) (view online)





Open Learning Highlight –

  Learn more about environmental protection  

An idea of earmarking sites in country parks for housing raised by a Government official triggered substantial public controversies over further destruction of natural ecosystems. The natural environment connects with our daily lives. But with the continuous development of our society, the global environment continues to worsen and our next generation will definitely suffer. If you would like to protect the environment for our future, the OUHK free courseware Environment and Environmental Protection (in Chinese) will give you an idea of how to protect the environment in daily lives.


Learning is the way to keep up with our knowledge-based society. The OUHK brings you more free and handy learning materials at anytime and anywhere by just one CLICK.

    2013 Alumni Evening ─ Roof Garden Party  

The event has received overwhelming response and registration has been closed. We look forward to seeing those who have signed up and enjoying a cozy evening together.


Date: 8 November (Friday)
Time: 7:15 - 9:00 pm
Venue: Serena Yang Lecture Theatre and Roof Garden, Ho Man Tin Campus
Activities: Introduction of the OUHK Jubilee College and Kwai Hing Learning Centre (in Cantonese), and dinner party at the OUHK Roof Garden.



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(Alumni groups formed by volunteer alumni)
Putonghua Association of the OUHK (Alumni)  
    — New training course  

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