Sustainability in Action

HKMU 35th Anniversary Sustainability in Action

Initiated by the Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration and jointly produced by the Office for Advancement of Learning and Teaching, this 10-episode “Sustainability in Action” TV programme series invites distinguished business leaders to share their insights on implementing sustainability in their respective sectors.

The series showcases how Hong Kong businesses are embracing sustainability in their strategies and practices, reveals the transformation happening across various aspects of business life, including clothing, food choices, transportation, energy, buildings, leisure and lifestyles, and investment. It also brings out how sustainability touches the lives of all individuals, both locally and globally, and how to take small steps and make a difference.

The English version of the series is broadcast every Sunday on TVB Pearl through HKMU's “Knowledge for All” programme starting 21st January. The Chinese version will be available later. Please stay tuned!