Student Affairs Office Sports and Wellness   Hong Kong Metropolitan University Entrance Sports Scholarship 2022/23   FAQ  


What is the deadline for HKMU Entrance Sports Scholarship 2022/23 application?

May 31, 2022.


What is the amount of the HKMU Entrance Sports Scholarship?

The value of each award is up to HK$120,000* and a complimentary place in University’s off-campus accommodation per year. Successful applicants may be awarded renewable scholarships in subsequent years of study, subject to satisfactory academic and sports performance at HKMU.

*Due to tuition differences, local students will be awarded with HK$80,000 per year and HK$120,000 per year for non-local students.


What is the sports level requirement for applying the HKMU Entrance Sports Scholarship 2022/23 application?

Candidates who have awarded in any competitions from inter-school to international competitions are welcome to apply for the Scholarship.

Candidates who have represented your country in international competitions would be an advantage for considerations.


Will post-graduate students be considered?

This scholarship is for applicants for full-time Sub-degree programmes, Honours or Ordinary Bachelor’s Degree programmes only.


Will I be invited to join interview and skills test?

We may arrange interview for some applicants, or you may be asked to provide your sports videos.


What are the responsibilities and duties for HKMU Entrance Sports Scholarship Awardees?

  1. Train regularly and represent HKMU at USFHK or other competitions in the tertiary education community; and
  2. Participate in HKMU events, activities and important meetings as scholarship awardees and help promoting sports in the campus.


When will I know the result?
Successful applicants will receive offer before July 2022.