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Starting from 2022, students who attain 5* and 5** in any subject of HKDSE and admitted to HKMU degree programmes through the JUPAS scheme will be awarded HK$40,000 HKDSE Star Scholarships for each subject (Note 1). The University will directly inform the qualified students of the relevant scholarship awards.

The University also presents a variety of prestigious entrance scholarships to sub-degree students, top-up degree local students, NCEE students, HKDSE students pursuing Physiotherapy Programme (Note 2), other HKDSE students and outstanding athletes. Each scholarship recipient will receive up to HK$120,000 annually, to recognize academically outstanding and/or talented new students. Renewable scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants in subsequent years of study, subject to a satisfactory performance at HKMU.

A number of University-funded, donated and government scholarships are awarded to students demonstrating academic merit or non-academic achievements. In 2020/21, a remarkable 1,250 HKMU students received scholarships totalling over HK$20 million. For more details, please click here to to view the list of awards and recipients.

Note 1: Students attaining 5* and 5** in Category A subjects sitting of HKDSE will be awarded HK$40,000 HKDSE Star Scholarship for each subject. There is no restriction placed on the total amount awarded through the HKMU Entrance Scholarship (for HKDSE Star Students).

Note 2: Full scholarships will be granted for Physiotherapy new students whose summation scores of 4 HKDSE core subjects plus 1 best elective subject are 22 or above, and the awardees concerned cannot concurrently receive other HKMU Entrance Scholarships.

Disclaimer: Hong Kong Metropolitan University reserves the right of final decision on granting Entrance Scholarships. All information provided on Entrance Scholarships will be reviewed and changed periodically. If you have any queries about the information, please email your comments to