Hui Hei Ting

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Motto: A nurse is not a thing, a name, but an attitude. (Shared by Ms Lam Mei Yi, Ward Manager, Shatin Hospital)

Hui Hei Ting, who received the Most Outstanding Student Scholarship of OUHK, embodies the principle of all-round student development which OUHK advocates. That’s because she has excelled in her academic studies, but also played a full part in a comprehensive range of co-curricular activities. For instance, during OUHK’s annual Open Day, Hui gave first-aid demonstration for visitors. She also joined a study tour to South Korea to gain a deeper understanding of the healthcare system in an advanced economy. And keen to share her clinical practicum experience with junior nursing students, she has been involved in the Student-Preceptorship Learning Programme to improve her knowledge of different aspects of the profession.


To put that knowledge into practice, Hui has volunteered as an auxiliary nurse for the Auxiliary Medical Service for several years. And to help the younger generation in other ways, she has served as an assistant cub scout leader for the Scout Association of Hong Kong. These experiences on and off campus have taught Hui about problem-solving and how to use soft skills to get things done.

“Nurses also have to embrace the idea of team spirit,” she says. “Through these rewarding yet challenging experiences, I have learned to work as part of a team and to interact with individuals from all age groups and all walks of life.”

In terms of using the latest technology, she adds, OUHK’s nursing programme ensures graduates are equipped with knowledge of the most up-to-date tools and applications. Cutting-edge technologies, including simulation and VR, are an integral part of the curriculum, enabling students to gain hands-on experience and the required level of confidence.   

“The scholarship is recognition of my efforts and has encouraged me to work even harder,” Hui says. “I am grateful for the care and dedication of the professors at School of Nursing and Health Studies, particularly Professor Choi P.P., Dr Wong W.C., Dr Liu T.W., Mr Lau M.H., Ms Lam C.Y., and Ms Kwok P.S.”