Invitation to join Social Resources City Hunt (July 2nd 2023 in Yuen Long, August 5th 2023 in Yau Tsim Mong)

Student Affairs Office Invitation to join Social Resources City Hunt (July 2nd 2023 in Yuen Long, August 5th 2023 in Yau Tsim Mong)  

Invitation to join Social Resources City Hunt (July 2nd 2023 in Yuen Long, August 5th 2023 in Yau Tsim Mong)

In Hong Kong, when students have their University Orientation City Hunt to welcome the new school life, residents will have their Social Resources City Hunt (社會資源市中尋) – the District Induction Programme to enrich their district life. Our residents and youth, both Ethnic Minorities and Chinese, will team up as the ethnically inclusive City Hunters and explore their community this Summer. They will hunt the district-level available resources, such as social services and Companies, then win a total of HKD$12,000 cash coupons with the highest district resources familiarity in shortest time.


Youth-led Social Resources City Hunt aims to build a district Integration (3 in1) Hub*, i.e. 1) Information Hub for mapping out the district social services, caring companies and other stakeholders through designated Social Resources Map, 2) Resource Hub for connecting the district key stakeholders with participating residents through the Social Resources City Hunt WhatsApp Business Group, and 3) Social Media Hub for storing the collective memory in photos and videos for both Ethnic Minorities and Chinese neighborhood.

Hong Kong, as a multicultural international city, benefits from a racially inclusive environment that helps attract overseas talent and injects new vitality. With the increasing population of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, they possess extensive international networks, making them the ideal ambassadors to share the good stories of Hong Kong with the world.


Social Resources City Hunt 社會資源市中尋」details:

Official page: Social Resources City Hunt (

Presentation : Social Resources City Hunt_IG photos & Presentation_Social Resources City Hunt_20230427.pptx

Recorded Briefing Session  Briefing Session for Social Resources City Hunt_20230427.mp4  

City Hunter Invitation - Social Resources City Hunt


Yuen Long

Social Resources City Hunt

Yau Tsim Mong

Social Resources City Hunt


July 2nd 2023 (Sunday)

August 5th 2023 (Saturday)

End Point:

Hall, Yuen Long Town Hall, 4 Yuen Long Tai Yuk Rd, Yuen Long  

Hall, Yau Tsim Mong Multicultural Activity Centre, 59 Battery Street, Jordan, Kowloon 

City Hunter Target

1) Yuen Long District Residents    

2) Youth (Chinese and Ethnic Minority) across districts 

1) Yau Tsim Mong Residents    

2)       Youth (Chinese and Ethnic Minority) across districts 

Checkpoints completion Methods

Self-guided Tour


Guided by Social Resources Map, each team (6 people) city hunt through Self-guided Tour to complete ANY/ALL checkpoints.

Community Tour (Optional)

Guided by volunteers, three teams (18 people) city hunt through the Community Tour to complete SOME designated checkpoints.

City Hunt Duration

between June and July 2nd 2023 16:00


between July and August 5th 2023 16:00


City Hunter Grouping:

Participants will form an Ethnically Inclusive City Hunt Team of 6 people (must have both Ethnic Minorities and Chinese)

Freely form on your own, or 

EC Match – HKCSS’s centralized friend matching

City Hunt Award

Social Resources City Hunt

Highest number of checkpoint completion in shortest time

HKD $3000 cash coupon per champion team per district

Social Resources Quiz Game*

Highest number of accurate answers in shortest time

HKD $3000 cash coupon per team per district

(*Each team must enter the city hunt in order to enter the Social Service Quiz Game.)

City Hunter Registration   

(Deadline: one-month before the City Hunt)

This Summer, Be an Inclusive City Hunter. Let’s tell the good inclusion stories of Hong Kong!



Social Service Agency and other coordination

Ms Qubie Tang: 28762424;

Ms Fion Tai: 28762450;

Ms Kylie Wong: 28762424;