Communities of Sharing for Mainland and Overseas Students (COSMOS)

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Communities of Sharing for Mainland and Overseas Students (COSMOS)


COSMOS is a pilot programme by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) to provide a peer-to-peer platform, consisting of 3 themes of houses – House of Culture (文化堂), House of Excellence (育賢堂) and House of Wellness (康活堂), for facilitating and enhancing student connection and development by making interactions fun, easy and social among local, Mainland and Overseas students through a wide range of activities.

Membership Criteria

All Year 1 non-local full-time undergraduate new students and Non-local Mentors in AY2022/23 will automatically become a member of COSMOS. To enjoy the privilege to join the activities, students are required to indicate their interests by joining in one of the Houses. Seats of each House are limited, preference will be given to those who can explain how to contribute to their most preferred House. Students who fail to do so will be assigned randomly to the designated House.

All members are required to join at least one COSMOS activity and/or one House activity held by throughout the academic year. Members are also highly recommended to actively contribute to their Houses. Those who cannot fulfil the criteria will be required to meet with staff of SAO (Non-local Student Support) for advising.

Core Values of COSMOS

Learning outcomes of being a COSMOS member

Through engaging in COSMOS, members are expected to be able to:

  • raise community awareness on HKMU and Hong Kong society;
  • embrace cultural diversity and appreciate the differences in individuals;
  • acquire and improve self-management skills;
  • maintain positive mindset towards learning; and
  • demonstrate an increased self-awareness.

Membership List

Membership List
(To be updated)