Application Guideline

Student Affairs Office MetroChallenge   Application Guideline  

Application Guideline


Student Affairs Office (SAO) of Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU), is responsible for the administration of the Metro Challenge (MC, the “Programme”) and all related enrollment, application, screening, shortlisting, assessment, awarding and follow-up processes of the Programme.
Objectives of Scheme
MetroChallenge is an endeavor to promote innovative culture and entrepreneurial spirit amongst HKMU students, aiming to:
1) Unleash students’ creativity and innovation;
2) Enhance students’ entrepreneurial skills to translate the innovative ideas “into viable operation” for profit or for social good; and
3) Strengthen students’ engagement through the sharing of success/failure experience.

Application Details

Eligible Applicants
All HKMU current full-time/ part-time/distant learning students and recent graduates
# are eligible to apply for enrollment in the Programme.
#Alumni graduated in academic year 2020/21 and 2021/22 are eligible.


Application and Assessment Process
Application support:
MetroChallenge Lab (Proof of Concept) – Subsidy support up to HK$5,000 per project on as reimbursement basis to build up Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
Period: 15 Dec 2022 – 21 May 2023 (Sunday)  [Extended to 28 May 2023 (Sunday)]
    • Motivate students to materialize their ideas by developing prototypes with market validation; and
    • Get well-prepared for the final assessment.
Assessment Criteria:
  • Please refer to Table 1 for assessment criteria. Each successful student team can get:
    • Subsidy support up to HK$5,000 per project to build up their Minimal Viable Product (MVP), including prototyping and market testing/validation of their project idea; and
    • Coaching support from the appointed external consultant.
How to apply for $5,000 subsidy support:



Team leader should submit the APPLICATION FORM (Current Students / Alumni) of MetroChallenge Lab with project details and budget plan.
Applications are assessed monthly. Early application is recommended. Cut off date of each month:
  • Jan: 3 Jan 2023 (Tue)
  • Feb: 1 Feb 2023 (Wed)
  • Mar: 1 Mar 2023 (Wed)
  • Apr: 3 Apr 2023 (Mon)
  • May: 2 May 2023 (Tue)
Email confirmation will be sent after initial verification.
Assigned entrepreneurship coach will contact you to comment on your project scope and budget allocation.
Finalized project scope and budget allocation should be sent to for final approval.
The project team can process their minimum viable product (MVP) according to approved project scope and budget up to 21 May 2023 (Sunday)  Extended to 28 May 2023 (Sunday)
The project team should submit:
A report endorsed by the assigned entrepreneurship coach with concrete proof (e.g. pictures/video) of MVP completed (report template will be provided);
Obligation of successful teams:
  • Proceed the minimal viable product before 21 May 2023 (Sunday)  Extended to 28 May 2023 (Sunday);
  • Submit a report with concrete proof (e.g. pictures, video) of MVP completed and the report should be endorsed by the appointed external consultant;
  • MUST submit a formal application to MetroChallenge.
MetroChallenge Application submission and internal screening 
Applicants should submit their APPLICATION FORM (Current Students / Alumni)  and upload all required documents on or before the application deadline: 21 May 2023 (Sunday)  [Extended to 28 May 2023 (Sunday)];
Application submitted after the application deadline will not be further processed.
  • The student teams who have completed MetroChallenge Lab will be prioritized to the final round of assessment; and
  • New entries at this stage will still be accepted and will be evaluated according to the assessment criteria set at Table 1.
Final Presentation and Assessment
The shortlisted student teams (maximum 15 teams) will be invited to present their project in front of the Final Judging Panel to compete for the HK$100,000 Implementation Fund.
The decision from the Final Judging Panel shall be final and no appeal will be entertained. However, unsuccessful student teams may enquire about their results with SAO and if it is deemed appropriate, SAO shall provide comments from the Panel to the unsuccessful teams for improvement.
Summary of Application and Assessment Process
Table 1: Assessment Criteria
1.    Team Capability: Team cooperation, relevant knowledge and skills, passion in entrepreneurship
2.   Potential Social or Community Impact: create positive social change addressing identified priority social or community needs
3.  Business planning: the ability to understand contextual background such as market demand, product positioning, competitive analysis, sales and marketing channel, budget and risk control, contingency plan
4.   Implementation Feasibility and Business Sustainability: the ability to self-sustain in order to achieve potential scaling up of business
5.   Presentation Quality: The ability to present ideas clearly
  1. An Implementation Fund up to HK$100,000 per project will be awarded to the approved student teams to support their project execution within the Funding Period (i.e. around 12 months after awarded).
  2. Multi-disciplinary resources and entrepreneurial support will be provided to facilitate project execution.
Other Important Notes to Applicants
Applicants should notice that the information written in their application documents (including but not limited to the application package and subsequent documents to be submitted) shall be disclosed to SAO, the Panel members, and any other parties involved in the operation of MC. SAO, the Panel members or any other parties involved shall keep the information confidential and shall use the information solely for the purposes of assessment and operation of MC. No non-disclosure agreement will be signed between the applicants and HKMU, SAO, the Panel members or other parties involved.
Intellectual Properties
It is expected that the creative ideas, innovations, technologies, products or services (collectively the Intellectual Properties “IPs”) proposed in the proposals originate from the applicants. Should the IPs proposed belong other third parties, the inventors of the IPs must be named in the proposal, and approval or agreement from the inventors for the usage of such IPs shall also be obtained and documented in the proposals.
Communication with applicant, generally via email, will be directed to the Team Leader listed on the application form.
Implementation Fund
Each student team approved by the Panel shall be awarded up to HK$100,000 Implementation Fund to implement their project. The grant of the Implementation Fund shall be subject to further agreement to be signed between the awarded student team and SAO stipulating relevant terms and conditions governing the disbursement and the use of the fund. The Implementation Fund shall be disbursed by 4 installments normally subject to reasonable progress made and progress reports to the satisfaction of SAO.
SAO reserves the right to disqualify any application that, in its sole judgment, violates the rules of the application or the spirit of MC.