The Katie Shu Sui Pui Charitable Trust — Academic Publication Fellowship

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The Katie Shu Sui Pui Charitable Trust — Academic Publication Fellowship [舒小佩慈善基金 — 學術出版奬學金] (hereafter the ‘Fellowship’) aims to enhance the research culture and academic status of Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU), by engaging MPhil and PhD students1 of HKMU in staff’s projects. The Fellowship provides financial support to research postgraduate students to support their studies. Recipients of the Fellowship should conduct research work which leads to publication of quality refereed journal papers under the supervision of HKMU staff, and the staff in return benefit from the contribution of the recipients to their research. Only applied research projects are supported by the Trust. Please refer to the ‘Guidelines on the Academic Publication Fellowship’2 for more information.

Application procedures:

1.The research projects that Fellowship recipients are involved in are proposed by the staff who are eligible to be a supervisor of Fellowship recipients. The staff should complete the ‘Application form to be completed by staff supervisor’ and submit the duly completed form to RAO. Each proposed project is taken up normally by one research postgraduate student (the ‘applicant’), but a project can be shared by at most three eligible applicants. Information about the projects and contact information of the staff will be disseminated to the research postgraduate students of HKMU who are eligible to be a Fellowship recipient. 
2.To apply for the Fellowship, an applicant should choose a research project available for the Fellowship, contact the relevant staff and discuss with the staff further details regarding the research project. The topic of the research project chosen by the applicant must be different from that of the project for the applicant’s research degree.
3.If the staff agrees to be the supervisor of the applicant, the applicant should complete the ‘Application form to be completed by research postgraduate student(s)’, obtain the supervisor’s endorsement in the form, and submit the form to RAO. Then, RAO passes the application to the Assessment Panel of the Fellowship for approval.
 1If an applicant has not yet started his/her research degree study in HKMU, s/he may request his/her prospective hkmu research degree supervisor to contact Ms Candy Leung of RAO (email: to obtain the information of the research projects available for the Fellowship to the applicant.
 2Students may access these guidelines by referring to the relevant email from the Office of Research Affairs.
Reporting documents for completion of Fellowship:
Guidance Notes for the Completion Report
Completion report form