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Prof. Lee Yin King Linda 李燕瓊教授
School of Nursing and Health Studies


Prof. Linda Yin-King Lee is a Professor of School of Nursing and Health Studies at Hong Kong Metropolitan University. She earned her PhD degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006. Prof. Lee joined the academic field in 1999, and her major areas of teaching include nursing research and evidence-based nursing. Throughout her academic career, Prof. Lee has been a key person in developing nursing programmes at various levels and study modes. Many of the programmes are the first of their kind in Hong Kong, and they continue to address local nursing manpower needs. Since 2014, Prof. Lee has contributed significantly in a territory-wide training programme for health volunteers. She leads a team of academics, adopts flexible learning as the pedagogy, and provides comprehensive and systematic training to over 3,000 health volunteers. These health volunteers form a strong community network and deliver basic health care support to the community-based older adults and people with chronic illnesses. The programme is highly regarded by community bodies and has received a number of awards for its remarkable value in supporting healthy aging. Prof. Lee’s role in promoting health volunteering in Hong Kong is indispensable.

Prof. Lee is committed in health research. She is enthusiastic in conducting research on gerontological care, healthy ageing, and practice of health behaviors in the older population. Recently, she devotes herself to investigating end-of-life care and dying in place. Her research portfolio is brimming with ambition to improve the health condition and solve the health problems of older adults. Prof. Lee is currently a member of the editorial board of Frontiers of Nursing and a reviewer for several international nursing journals. She has published numerous papers primarily on gerontological care and healthy living. 

Prof. Lee has participated in a wide range of professional and community services, including being a consultant of the Accreditation Committee of Nursing Council of Hong Kong. She was a member of the Education Committee of Nursing Council of Hong Kong and an external examiner of the nursing programmes of Hospital Authority for 10 years. Over the years, she has participated in a number of accreditation exercises for local nursing programmes and has contributed significantly to the advancement of nursing education in Hong Kong. Currently, she is a member of Council of Fu Hong Society. With her professional knowledge and experience, she significantly supports the community health care provider and its service clients.


Teaching Areas & Research Interests

  • Nursing research and evidence-based nursing
  • Determinants and practice of health behaviors
  • Gerontological nursing and healthy aging
  • End-of-life care

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  • Lee, L. Y. K. (2019). What does the literature say about the psychosocial effect of Tai Chi? In M. K. Li, C. Y. C. Kam, K. K. M. Cheung, & M. P. P. Chung. (Eds.) Chinese Medicinal Nursing Education and Practice (pp.195-225). Hong Kong: The Open University of Hong Kong.

Journal Articles

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Selected Professional & Community Services

  • Consultant of the Accreditation Committee, Nursing Council of Hong Kong

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