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Media Students' achievements  

22 Jun 2022 (Wed)     

Two Creative Arts graduates win accolade in Asia digital content competition

Law Ho-wan
Lee Wing-lam

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects

“23rd DigiCon6 ASIA Awards - Hong Kong” organized by Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc.

Next Generation Award

“Love Delivery”

Law Ho-wan and Lee Wing-lam, graduates of Animation and Visual Effects programme, participated in the “23rd DigiCon6 ASIA Awards – Hong Kong” held by Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc. earlier. With their final year animation work Love Delivery, they won the Next Generation Award in the competition.

The winning piece is about the story of the main character Ah Chung, who delivers food by scooter every day. During a delivery trip, he meets a female customer Ah Ching, who rekindles his motivation for work. It brings out a message that a simple takeaway meal can give a depressed person a sense of satisfaction. The Next Generation Award is presented to outstanding participants aged of 25 or below. The two students will be awarded JPY 100,000 as a recognition and they will be further competing in the "23rd DigiCon6 ASIA Awards".

DigiCon6 ASIA is an annual prestigious digital content competition in Asia. It aims to identify and support potential and passionate creative digital talents in Asia. Hong Kong’s regional contest provides an excellent platform for Hong Kong talents to showcase their creativity, and exchange with professionals of other Asian regions, thereby enhancing their creative abilities.