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HKMU Business School organizes Career HeadStart Programme
to provide internship opportunities for students amid the pandemic   27/4/2022

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HKMU Business School organizes the "Career HeadStart Programme", which allows students to gain work experience and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace through internships at participating organizations.


Through the programme, students can apply the skills they have acquired during their studies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to the Hong Kong economy and inevitably posed uncertainties to the employment prospects of university graduates. The Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration of Hong Kong Metropolitan University ("HKMU Business School") organizes the "Career HeadStart Programme" each year, collaborating with various organizations to provide summer internship opportunities for their students. With subsidy provided by the School, students would have a valuable opportunity to undertake a two-month internship at a host organization to gain practical work experience and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace amidst the pandemic.

HKMU Business School attaches great importance to the career development of students and has always been committed to providing students with learning and career support. Since 2020, the "Career HeadStart Programme" has provided summer internship opportunities for over 350 students. More than 80 organizations from various industries have participated in this programme, such as accounting, logistics, hospitality and tourism, recreation management, financial technology, fashion, and more.

Through the internships, students can apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in their studies, while gaining practical experience for enriching their curricula vitae. During the programme’s selection and matching process, participating organizations could find the suitable candidates based on their business needs and development. They can also identify new talents and introduce innovative perspectives to their existing operations.

Prof. Alan Au, Dean of HKMU Business School said, “The epidemic has undoubtedly made it more difficult for graduates to find jobs and brought challenges to the business environment. Through the ‘Career HeadStart Programme’, we hope to present a win-win situation for both students and participating organizations. We are very grateful for the positive response and continuous support from the business community since the launch of this programme, which has made it possible for us to benefit more students each year.”

If you are interested in participating in “2022 Career HeadStart Programme”, please call 2768 6590 or email to  for more details.