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Field Worker of Médecins Sans Frontières shares frontline life-saving stories at HKMU’s Talk of the Metropolis   26/1/2022

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Dr Jennifer Tong Wing-sze, Field Worker of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) shares frontline life-saving stories at HKMU's Talk of the Metropolis.


After the talk, Dr Tong (third from right) takes a group photo with HKMU President Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing (third from left) and others.

On 25 January, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) organized "Talk of the Metropolis", with orthopaedic surgeon Dr Jennifer Tong Wing-sze invited to share her life-saving stories as a Field Worker of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) under the title "A Different Working Holiday: Around the World in 500 Days". Due to another wave of the pandemic, the talk was conducted via webinar mode, but it still drew some 100 online attendants.

After working for seven years as an orthopedic surgeon in a local public hospital, Dr Tong embarked on her first medical mission with Médecins Sans Frontières in 2015 and has since travelled around the world saving lives. During the talk, she spoke of the specific healthcare environments and needs of Kunduz in Afghanistan, Port-au-Prince in Haiti, the Palestinian Gaza Strip and Mosul in Iraq; patients who have left her with a deep impression; and anecdotes beyond work that kept her spirits up, encouraging people from different professions to pay attention to and support humanitarian work.

To actively engage with the local communities and to share knowledge with Hong Kong citizens, all the talks of the "Talk of the Metropolis" will be broadcast in the University’s weekly “Knowledge for All” TV programme on TVB Pearl. To learn more about the public lecture series or review the past videos, please visit

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