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HKMU achieves pleasing results in the RGC funding schemes   21/9/2021

Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) achieves remarkable results in the latest round of the Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector of the Research Grants Council (RGC).

This year, HKMU has been granted research funding of over HK$16.1 million for eighteen projects. Seventeen of the successful projects are funded under the Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) and one is under the Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS). The total amount granted for the FDS proposals, which totaling HK$15.7 million, as well as the total number of FDS funded proposals, are both the highest among all self-financing institutions. Besides, six FDS proposals have been granted more than $1 million, which also ranks first among all self-financing institutions. One FDS proposal, which has been granted the amount of HK$1.58 million, receives the largest funding among all the FDS proposals.

HKMU President Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing is pleased with the results. “With the concerted efforts of everyone in the University, we will continue to focus on impactful research that has the potential to genuinely benefit the people of Hong Kong and the Region,” he said.