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HKMU to educate all through a brand new series of “Knowledge for All” Programme on TVB Pearl   17/9/2021

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Officiating guests and TVB artistes announce the official launch of the new series of “Knowledge for All” TV programme (from left): Celina Harto, Kelly Ng Lok-yee, Tony Hung Wing-shing, TVB Deputy General Manager (Legal & International Operations) Mr Desmond Chan Shu-hung, HKMU President Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing, Hera Chan Hiu-wa, Wong-fei, and Derek Alan James Mackesy.


Six artistes introduce new highlights of the “Knowledge for All” programme.


HKMU President Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing says that the University will uphold its mission to share knowledge with all citizens.

Since 2009, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU, formerly The Open University of Hong Kong) has been collaborating with the Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) on educational programmes to share knowledge with all citizens. The two parties have renewed their partnership on a new series of “Knowledge for All” TV programme to be broadcast on TVB’s Pearl channel every Sunday morning from 9am to 1pm starting from 5 September. People from all walks of life can acquire new knowledge from the sheer variety of programmes covering various aspects of topics.

A press conference to launch the new series of “Knowledge for All” TV programme was held today (17 September) on HKMU’s Jockey Club Campus. Officiating at the ceremony were HKMU President Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing and TVB Deputy General Manager (Legal & International Operations) Mr Desmond Chan Shu-hung. Other guests included HKMU Provost Prof. Reggie Kwan Ching-ping, Vice President (Resources and Development) Prof. Lui Yu-hon, Vice President (Students and Support) Prof. Ricky Kwok Yu-kwong, Director of Advancement of Learning and Teaching Dr Eva Tsang Yuen-mei, Director of Public Affairs Ms Florence Chan Yuk-sau, TVB Deputy Controller (Sales) Mr Benny Chung, Assistant Controller (Programme) Ms Nancy Lai, artistes Hera Chan Hiu-wa, Celina Harto, Tony Hung Wing-shing, Derek Alan James Mackesy, Kelly Ng Lok-yee, Wong-fei, and the master of the ceremonies Miguel Choi Hong-nin.

Addressing at the event, Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing mentioned that the University has just been retitled “Hong Kong Metropolitan University”. While it marked an important new milestone for the University’s development, HKMK’s commitment to providing open and flexible education opportunities and its mission to uphold the motto “Education for all” remain unchanged. “Since the establishment of the University in 1989, we have been broadcasting educational television programmes on public TV channel for over three decades. With the progress of society, we have also expanded the topics of programme to enable citizens, from young people, working adults to elders, to enjoy a wide spectrum of knowledge and achieve lifelong learning,” he said.

TVB Deputy General Manager (Legal & International Operations) Mr Desmond Chan Shu-hung remarked, “The life of all Hong Kong people and student’s learning experience have changed dramatically amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A more flexible way to acquire knowledge becomes necessary. Ranked the first among the public English TV channels in Hong Kong, TVB Pearl has been providing diversified programmes to audience. Apart from broadcasting the “Knowledge for All” every Sunday, it will also be available on the free channel myTV SUPER for the first time to feature the programmes of 2021-22 academic year. Programme archive is available on myTV SUPER for 7 days after broadcast on Pearl, allowing more flexibility for audiences to learn anytime and anywhere.”

During the ceremony, the officiating guests announced the official launch of the new series of TV programme. Six TVB artistes also shared their personal learning experiences and introduced new highlights of the “Knowledge for All” programme.

The weekly four-hour TV programme will cover a wide spectrum of topics such as literature and history, cultural and creative industry, business management, language, healthcare, as well as scientific research. Various renowned speakers will be invited to share up-to-date information in the programme. Talks to be broadcast in the coming months include “Understand Covid-19 Vaccine Comprehensively to Make the Best Choice for Yourself!”, “New Wave of Creative Writing: Telling Stories with Images”, and “How Fintech is Driving Businesses Nowadays”. The brand new public lecture series, “Talk of the Metropolis” will also be featured as part of the programme, allowing audiences to learn from the lectures by prominent speakers from different fields and professions.

For more details regarding the programme, please visit HKMU’s website: or TVB Pearl’s website: