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OUHK Organizes Virtual Career Fair   16/4/2021

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The interface of the OUHK Virtual Career Fair Platform.


Ms Virginia Choi, Managing Director of Tamty McGill Consultants International Ltd. was invited to be the webinar speaker to share some tips on Video CV.


OU Students served as host for the webinar sessions to facilitate the dialogue with the speakers.
The Student Affairs Office of The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) organized a Virtual Career Fair 2021 (the Fair) from 13 to 15 April, with the aim to provide a virtual job seeking platform to bring employers, students and fresh graduates together, allowing them to explore different job opportunities and search for their best career fit. The Fair comprised different elements, including CV and career consultation, 16 webinars sessions, and more than 80 virtual booths with nearly 300 job vacancies for which students were able to submit real-time application. A video interview platform was also available to facilitate a close communication between employers and students.

CEOs, industry leaders, entrepreneurs from various sectors and organizations, as well as experienced career counsellors, were invited to participate in 16 webinar sessions under the themes of “Dialogue Series”, “Opportunities Exploration” and “Job Hunting”. These speakers will share their valuable experiences on some hot topics, including the development and employment opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, the era of new social media, interpersonal skills in the workplace, and job interview tips. Students could acquire practical job hunting skills, get to know the market trends under the new normal, and explore future opportunities in the career market. Students from different Schools were given the opportunity to host the webinar sessions so as to enhance the interaction between participants.

The Fair provided a wide range of career choices for the students and fresh graduates from different Schools and background. They can also enhance their competencies by joining the webinars of different themes.

About the OUHK:
Established by the Government in 1989, The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) has developed into a full-fledged university providing high quality and flexible university education at various levels to secondary school graduates and working adults. As a dynamic and innovative university, the OUHK currently offers programmes of different academic levels to about 10,000 full-time students and 9,000 part-time students. Our mission is to advance learning, knowledge and research that meet students' learning aspirations and society’s talent needs, focusing on practical and professional programmes.

OUHK comprises six Schools, i.e. School of Arts and Social Sciences, Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, School of Education and Languages, School of Nursing and Health Studies, School of Science and Technology, and Li Ka Shing School of Professional and Continuing Education (LiPACE). LiPACE provides lifelong learning opportunities by offering full-time sub-degree programmes, community learning and professional programmes.

The Council of the OUHK has earlier approved the new title ‘Hong Kong Metropolitan University’ for the University. The process of amending the ordinance governing the University has been started and formal approval from the Legislative Council will be sought. The new title shows the unique position of the University in metropolitan Hong Kong. It also signifies the University's path of transformation from a modest distance education institution to a full-fledged university and reflects its unique characteristics and strategic focuses.

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