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Media Students' achievements  

30 Aug 2021 (Mon)     

Creative Arts students shine at national competition

Creative Arts students shine at national competition

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Animation and Visual Effects
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Advertising and Media Design
Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Writing and Film Arts

The Sixth National College Student Art Exhibition

Winning Piece and awards:
Art Project
“Chinese Etiquette Animation Project” - First Prize

Film Production
《誠實餐廳》by FU Yu - First Prize
“Rumah” by LO Mei-lam - Second Prize
《勞師來施》by LEUNG Andy - Third Prize

《系愛呀?定系責任呀?》by IP Ka-man - First Prize
“Falling Stars” by WONG Wai-sum - Second Prize
“Pursuing, Linkage and The Way Out” by YEUNG Man-kei - Second Prize

《香港島薄扶林村遊地圖單張》by WAN Wing-wai - Second Prize
《香港大澳旅遊景點地圖及貼紙》by LAU Sin-hang - Second Prize
《香港大澳明信片》by LEUNG Wing-sze - Second Prize
《香港大澳旅遊打卡宣傳牌》by KWOK Tsz-chun Kevin - Second Prize

《木偶遊戲》by CHEONG Chi-cheng, CHUNG Cheuk-kwan, HUI Shun-wai, and SIN Tsz-ying - Third Prize

Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China organizes the National Art Exhibition of College Students every three years. It is an art education event open for all university students in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau to participate. Under the theme of “Struggle‧Innovation‧Dedication”, the Sixth National College Student Art Exhibition of this year has four categories, namely art performance, art workshop, artwork and art project.

The University had submitted a number of art pieces made by the creative arts students to the organizer earlier. After review, 14 students won 11 awards in the sessions of film production, photography, design and drawing respectively. The number of awards received was the highest among all universities in Hong Kong. The encouraging result has demonstrated the excellent creative skills and competitiveness of the students. Take the winning pieces of design session as an example, students had integrated the characteristics of Tai O and Pokfulam Village into a range of designs, such as maps, crossword puzzles and postcards, which helped promote the attractions and culture in the districts through a fun and unique method.

In addition, the University was granted the first prize under the category of art project with its Chinese Etiquette Animation Project, which was a partnership programme between the Tin Ka Ping Centre of Chinese culture and the Institute of Chinese Classics of Tsinghua University. Bringing a combination of tradition and creativity to the project, the students had created a series of animations to promote the Confucian classic San Li and Chinese culture. As the only local university receiving the award, the recognition has fully affirmed the efforts of the University in pursing innovative teaching and learning, as well as nurturing creative arts talents.