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23 Nov 2022 (Wed)     

HKMU Campus Run sets off again to promote an inclusive and healthy community

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The breezy weather in autumn makes it the best time to enjoy outdoor activities. Over 250 students and staff from Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU) set off on the second HKMU Campus Run today (23 November), bringing positive energy to the campus. Led by HKMU students, four persons with visual impairment also participated and finished the run, promoting an inclusive society and healthy living.

HKMU President Prof. Paul Lam Kwan-sing cheered on the participants before the start of the run. The number of participating students and staff increased by 40% compared to the first Campus Run, reflecting the vibrancy and dynamism of the university.

HKMU has put great emphasis on promoting a healthy campus. In addition to organising sports activities on- and off-campus, the University supports students to participate in the renowned annual sports event, the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. All student athletes who took part in the Campus Run will be fully funded to join this year’s marathon. The Student Affairs Office (SAO) will also provide support to help them prepare for the race.

Prof. Lam said, “The Campus Run is just a starting point; the next step is to form a HKMU Marathon Team. With a spirit of solidarity and perseverance, the HKMU community will accomplish different goals on various racing tracks.” He also revealed plans to organise an eco-friendly hiking activity for friends and family of HKMU students and staff to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The four people with visual impairment joining the Campus Run were from the White Cane Programme, a service learning programme organised by SAO starting this September. The programme aims to encourage people with visual impairment to engage in a more active lifestyle. HKMU students will help them do sports activities and gain confidence along the way. 


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