HKMU Library Proxy Service

Library HKMU Library Proxy Service  

The Library Proxy Service provides a platform-independent connection method to access the HKMU Electronic Library services.

If it is the first time you use this service, set-up of browsers is required. Please follow the instruction to set up the browser (you only need to set up ONCE per PC).

When the set-up is completed, please follow the steps below to log in to the proxy service.

1. You need to come here to get a Session User ID & Password every time before accessing the Electronic Library resources.

2. Go to

3. Key in your User ID and Password.

4. The system will generate a Session User ID & Password for you. Click “login” to continue.

5. Key in the generated Session User ID & Password.

6. When the login is successful, the system will display the Library homepage.