Library Announcements  

Library Extended Opening Hours: 15 August 2022 – 03 September 2022


In order to cater for the increasing demand for library services during the examination period, the following arrangements will be made at the Stanley Ho Library and the Ho Sik Yee Library:

1. The library opening hours will be extended as follows:
Period Opening Hours
15 August 2022 (Monday) to 3 September 2022 (Saturday) 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.
2. Library users can take any vacant seats.  If a seat is found with unattended belongings, please seek assistance from Library staff who might remove the belongings left behind.  The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage of the personal property.
3. Distance learning programme students who are not currently registered in HKMU course(s) are classified as inactive students.  Students who have been inactive for not more than one year can enter the Library from Monday to Friday during non-examination period.  During the examination period, i.e. from 22 August 2022 (Monday) to 3 September 2022 (Saturday), access to the Library is not allowed.  Students who have been inactive for more than one year cannot enter the Library at any time.

The Library reserves the right to revise the above arrangement at any time.