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About Webmail Account

HKMU provides webmail accounts to all teaching staff (Course Coordinators, abbreviated as CC), enrolled students and tutors as the primary means of communication between university and the students. All academic and administrative information will be sent to this webmail account as far as it is applicable. This includes information about programme and courses, changes to tutorial and study schedules, University news, and student announcements.  

Domino Webmail System

Currently, the webmail system is implemented using IBM Domino platform. The webmail account uses the same HKMU account name and single password for logging in the system. The webmail accounts are classified into 3 types. Teaching Staff (CC), Tutor and Student. The corresponding email address of each type of account is as follows: 

Account type Email address format Example
Teaching Staff (CC) term code + _+ course code + _CC@hkmu.edu.hk 19SPR_ABCD_CC@hkmu.edu.hk
Tutor tutor account name + @hkmu.edu.hk t123456@hkmu.edu.hk
Student student account name + @hkmu.edu.hk s1234567@hkmu.edu.hk