About the Conference

The Institute of International Business and governance (IIBG) of The Open University of Hong Kong will organize an ‘annual academia-industry exchange’ every year. In 2017, the annual academia-industry exchange includes two conferences of which one is an academic conference while another one is a practitioners’ conference. The academic conference with the theme of “Competing in an Innovation-Driven Global Economy: Institutions, Infrastructures, and Organization Design” will be held from 13–14 December 2017.


In the current era of globalization fuelled by the rapid growth of new technology, it is widely acknowledged that the ability to innovate is a significant driver of competitiveness for entrepreneurs, teams, organizations, industries, countries, and economies of all sizes. Competition is increasingly forged not just to achieve financial performance but also to deliver social and environmental outcomes for the present and future. Within this context of global competition, innovative models, strategies, policies, processes, and practices become ever more important in creating value for sustainable growth and development at various levels within firms, industries, countries, and economies, and also across borders in company networks, industrial clusters, and economic and regional blocs. Key innovations are sought in various domains such as strategic management, marketing, human resource management, supply chain management, information and data management, accounting and finance as well as under different themes including entrepreneurship, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, governance, value creation and value chains, and industrial/national/regional innovation systems, to name just a few.


The question of why, how, and under what conditions different types of innovation can emerge and thrive has attracted significant academic interest. There has been much recent research into the roles played by public and/or private institutions in facilitating or constraining innovation within political, economic or other key contexts, given their established systems of norms which structure interactions. There is also a growing number of studies examining how resilient and sustainable infrastructures, such as those of information and communications technology and of transport, can be built at regional, national, and international levels to foster innovation. At organizational level, we are seeing a revival of interest in how organizations should structure themselves, both within and across organizational boundaries, to align with their strategy, technology, routines, culture, and employee characteristics in order to promote innovation more effectively.


We invite competitive papers and posters which respond to the theme of the conference. Conceptual, theoretical, and empirical papers, using qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies are welcome. We have identified a number of sub-themes; however, we are happy to also consider papers which are not directly related to these sub-themes but rather fit into the wider theme of the conference. The conference sub-themes are as follows:



Organization design and sustainability



Innovation and ethical consumption


Innovation and diversity


Innovation, HRM, and sustainability


Innovation management


Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility


Marketing innovations


The value-relevance of innovation to accounting


Accounting for financial returns and performance


Environmental accounting


Integration of sustainability measurement and management approaches


Accounting for resource efficiency


Integrated reporting for SMEs


CSR/ ESG and value creation


Integration of CSR and corporate strategies and stakeholders


Development of social enterprises


Institutions and national/regional innovation systems


Organization design and innovation


Public policy and innovation


Socio-cultural environment and innovation


Disruptive innovations, value creation and value chains


Start-up funding and innovation


Recent innovation and development in financial markets


The conference will host both competitive sessions and poster sessions.


For competitive sessions – Submission of extended abstracts
For poster sessions – Submission of abstracts


All papers (abstracts and extended abstracts) must be submitted by 15 September 2017. Please refer to the submission instructions page for information on how to prepare and submit your abstracts or extended abstracts. Authors of extended abstracts are required to submit full papers for consideration of publications. 


For submission of abstracts/extended abstracts/full papers and any questions regarding this call for papers, please email iibg2017@ouhk.edu.hk.

Please note that at least one of the authors of an accepted paper (abstract or extended abstract) MUST register for the conference before the conference registration closing date and attend the conference to make a presentation. Failure to register will result in automatic withdrawal of the submission from the conference proceedings and program.




The establishment of IIBG is substantially funded by a grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (UGC/IDS16/15).