About Hong Kong

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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been called ‘Asia’s World City’ and is a true meeting place of Chinese culture with international influences. Famous not only for its beautiful harbour, modern architecture and culinary delights, this vibrant, cosmopolitan city is famous as a shopper’s paradise. Hong Kong is a uniquely captivating place that is a favourite destination for tourists from around the world.

Quarantine and vaccine pass for inbound travellers

Due to the pandemic, the Hong Kong SAR Government has implemented quarantine measures for inbound travellers and vaccine pass requirements in specified premises, such as catering business premises and universities. If you intends to travel to Hong Kong to attending the conference on-site, the following information should be useful regarding quarantine and vaccine pass for inbound travellers.

Quarantine measures:

If you are from Mainland, Macao or Taiwan, please click here for the latest quarantine measures.

If you travel from other places, please click here for the latest quarantine measures.

Vaccine pass:

As inbound travellers from places outside Hong Kong may not be able to fulfill the requirements of the Vaccine Pass (current requirements as at 5 May 2022:  having received the third dose of vaccine), inbound travellers who are subject to compulsory quarantine will be issued with a vaccination record QR code and a Provisional Vaccine Pass for local use in Hong Kong apart from a compulsory quarantine order at boundary control points (including land and airport boundary control points) upon entering Hong Kong.

Inbound travellers may carry with them or present the Provisional Vaccine Pass as a substitute for the vaccination record to enter specified premises (including the university campus) under the Vaccine Pass.

The Government also requires using the ‘LeaveHomeSafe’ mobile application. You may save the Provisional Vaccine Pass to ‘LeaveHomeSafe’ so as to facilitate scanning on entering Vaccine Pass premises subject to active checking.

Please click here for the latest arrangements to obtain a vaccine pass in Hong Kong.

Main attractions

Visiting Hong Kong is a unique experience of fun, excitement, and satisfaction. Hong Kong is not just an international city. The beauties and exotics of east and west are intimately intertwined in the most common aspects: food, cityscape, shops, lifestyle, and even street signs.

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Notable as a food paradise, Hong Kong has over 12,000 locations providing the largest array of cuisines from all over the world, and the only problem is too many choices.

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Art and culture

Centuries of Chinese influence, 150 years of colonial rule and decades as a crossroads of the world have given Hong Kong a unique east meets west culture and made it a cosmopolitan city.

Click here for arts and performance and click here for culture and heritage.

Great outdoors

Great mountain trails and sandy beaches are so close to the urban area that you cannot miss the opportunity to experience the green space of Hong Kong.

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July is usually hot, humid and sunny in Hong Kong, with occasional showers and thunderstorms. The temperature can exceed 31°C but high humidity levels can make it feel hotter.

Average Temperature: 26°C – 31°C

9-day Hong Kong Weather Forecast can be found at: https://www.hko.gov.hk/en/wxinfo/currwx/fnd.htm.